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Voters will have the opportunity this November to vote on the Trails, Parks & Recreation General Obligation (G.O.) Bond, which will be used to connect trails, upgrade parks, and improve community recreation facilities in the City of St. George to maintain and enhance quality of life. 

The $29 million G.O. Bond will be a renewal of the bond levy approved by the voters in 1996/98 for park system improvements. This means that taxpayers will see no impact on the annual amount of property taxes that they pay to the city. 

Election day is November 21, 2023

GO Bond - Request for Public Input PDF - 10-02-2023 View Download
GO Bond - 10/19/2023 Public Hearing PDF - 10-02-2023 View Download

Multi-use paved trails serve as a vital circulation connection that link neighborhoods, parks, schools, city facilities and open spaces. Trail completion is anticipated to connect the city in all directions, improve park and trail access, and help reduce vehicular traffic and air pollution. 

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Sand Hollow Wash Trail

The proposed park projects intend to replace aging and worn out amenities and build new state-of-the-art parks to accommodate the needs of the growing community. The city will continue to reach out to residents for their vision and thoughts on creating unique and quality parks for their neighborhood and all who visit. 

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Thunder Junction All-Abilities Park

The City of St. George plans to expand and enhance existing facilities for community participation. These facilities will serve as places where the community can spend time with family and friends, exercise, play or relax.

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Little Valley Pickleball Complex

Trails, parks and recreation facilities contribute significantly to our quality of life and environment. This November, the City of St. George citizens have the opportunity to vote on a $29 million bond for trails, parks, and recreation. This bond would fund improvements to trails, parks, and recreation facilities and amenities throughout the city for the purpose of connecting communities and revitalizing existing facilities. The full project list is shown above along with the details for each project under “Proposed Projects”.

Taxpayers would see no impact on their tax bill as the proposal would “renew” the current property tax levy. The current bond levy approved by the voters in 1995 for the 1996/98 Parks G.O. Bond issuance is being retired this fiscal year. The average primary homeowner with a home valued at $584,740 pays $2.68 per month ($32.21 per year) towards the 1996/98 G.O. Bond. This amount would carry forward if the bond proposition is approved by the voters to fund the 2023 Trails, Parks, and Recreation Bond projects.

The City proposes to issue $29 million in General Obligation Bonds that would be paid back over a 25-year term. The average annual debt payment would be $1.84 million. The total estimated cost of the issuance including interest over the life of the 25-year term is $45.9 million at an estimated 4.07% true interest cost based on current market conditions.

The bond will provide dedicated funding for the City of St. George to connect trails and improve parks and recreation areas. These outdoor spaces provide important opportunities for community gatherings and physical health. The "Proposed Projects" section goes into further detail.

The G.O. Bond issued in 1996/98 for $18 million was used to fund 42 parks and recreation projects which includes many of the iconic amenities citizens enjoy today as shown in the "1996/98 G.O. Bond Projects" list. The city identified projects that benefitted all areas of the city.

Each year the city intends to construct at least one trail project, two to three park projects, and one recreation facility improvement from the proposed project list.

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October 19, 2023 at 6 PM 

St. George City Hall

175 East 200 North

St. George, UT 84770

November 21, 2023