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Code Enforcement

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City Hall
175 East 200 North
Fax: 435-627-4731

The Code Enforcement Team, comprised of two officers, plays an important role in providing a safe and healthy environment for our community. The City Council has adopted ordinances to protect and preserve our neighborhoods. The role of each code enforcement officer is to enforce city ordinances thereby, bringing properties in violation into compliance. Each officer is assigned to a district for the purpose of developing rapport with area residents and local businesses. This allows them to better understand the histories, challenges, and concerns of their assigned neighborhood thereby being equipped to understand compliance issues specific to these neighborhoods. 

Typical Code Violations that are investigated by our Code Enforcement include:

  • Inoperable vehicles
  • Weeds
  • Junk, Trash, and Debris
  • Setback violations
  • Sign Violations

Please visit our Citizen Serve Portal Here to submit Code Enforcement Issues. Thank you

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Dean Almodova
Code Enforcement

Frequently Asked Questions

 A vehicle that appears not to be in working order. Such as but not limited to, missing tires, dismantled parts, no interior or steering wheel.

Recreational vehicles may be parked on your driveway as long as it is not obstructing a public sidewalk or street. It may not be parked in the front setback or identified landscape area. A typical front set back is 25'. Keep in mind that a corner lot has 2 front setbacks.  It may also be parked on the side of your home, out of the front setback. The area must be consistent with Parking Lot Standards such as concrete pad, asphalt or gravel.

Only items that are intended to be used outdoors may be stored outside. You cannot have couches, mattresses, etc. outside. No dismantled vehicle parts may be stored outside the home. Abandoned items must be discarded.

Weeds must not be allowed to grow to an unsightly height. Tall dry grass should also be cut to minimize hazards. Noxious weeds must be removed.

You may post a sign on your own property or with permission the property of a neighbor. You may place a sign on a box near the sidewalk but not obstructing the use of the sidewalk. These signs must be removed when your sale is over. It is against City ordinance to post signs on City property i.e. power poles, street signs, power boxes or in City streets. Not only does this damage the property it also becomes a safety issue. 
The City only allows short term rentals in designated areas. Short term rentals (less than 28 days) are not allowed in single family zones. 
You will need a business license if you are renting your home. If you live outside of Washington County you will also need a contact person. This contact person can be the renter or a friend or relative. You do not need to hire a property management company. An inspection of the property is required if you rent more than 2 dwellings. Contact the Business License department at 435-627-4740.
The officers normally take pictures of violations from the sidewalk or street. However, if needed they can go onto the property. They will not go in an enclosed back yard without permission from the owner but they might take a picture over the fence. 
There is generally a 25' area in the front of your home that is considered the front setback. In Bloomington Hills this area is 20'. A corner lot has 2 front setbacks. One on each side of the home that borders the road. You cannot park your vehicle in the area that should be landscaped. 

There are many factors to consider when placing signs and banners for advertising, please contact the Community Development Department for questions about signage. They can be reached at 435-627-4712 

The City allows Urban hens and rabbits – Up to 6 adult hens and 4 adult rabbits per 1,000 sf of lot area – No more than 16 animals per lot, up to 10 rabbits. Go to city ordinace 10-7B-2 for more information.

Yes, a permit is required. For more information on approved fences, walls, and the regulations that govern installation, please see City ordinance Title. 10-18-1.

The City allows 2 dogs per residence, If you are having problems with dogs in your neighborhood call animal control at 435-627-4350