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This website has been designed to provide everything you need to know to ride SunTran. However, if you have any questions, please call us at 673-TRAN (8726).

SunTran is the City of St. George's public transit system. Whether you need a ride to work, school, shopping or somewhere fun, we offer you an easy, comfortable and economical alternative to driving. St. George is committed to providing public transportation service that shines!

Getting around town on SunTran from on Vimeo.

Hours and Holidays

SunTran buses run Monday through Saturday, from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The buses do not run on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Pioneer Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Four Convenient Routes

SunTran buses provide service on four routes throughout St. George. Buses run Monday through Saturday from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The four routes connect at our Transit Center at Dixie State College 100 South 1000 East. All routes depart from the transit center every 40 minutes.

Comfortable Buses

SunTran's eye-catching buses are climate controlled for year-round comfort and are fully wheelchair accessible(two wheelchair limit). Our buses are also equipped with bike racks(two bike limit) so you can bike to the bus stop and then take your bike along for the ride.

Over 100 Bus Stops Citywide

SunTran buses pick up and drop off passengers at over 100 bus stops throughout St. George. Each stop is marked with this type of sign. For safety and convenience, many stops are located off of the highway in parking lots or on side streets. If you are unsure of the location of a stop, call us for directions or check Google Maps on your smart phone.

Customer Service

Trip Planning

For personal trip planning assistance call us at 673-TRAN (8726) or use Google Maps. We value your feedback.


Please call us at 673-TRAN (8726). We value your feedback.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome. Non-service animals may travel on the bus if secured in a cage.

Lost and Found

If you've lost an item on a SunTran bus, it may be claimed by calling our office at 673-TRAN (8726) during regular business hours.

Services for Persons with Disabilities

All SunTran buses are wheelchair accessible. Persons with disabilities, whether physical or cognitive, may ride the fixed-route service if they are able to get to and from the bus stops.

Individuals who are ADA eligible and are unable to get to and from the bus stops may apply for Paratransit services. This service provides special curb-to-curb service by calling 24 hours in advance. This special service costs $2.00 per person per one-way trip. This service will be provided to locations that are within 3/4 mile of a fixed-route stop. For an application and information about ADA certification, call SunTran at 673-TRAN (8726.

SunTran Paratransit Rider's Guide
SunTran Paratransit Rider's Application

SunTran Paratransit Rider's Guide (Español)
SunTran Paratransit Rider's Application (Español)

Fares and Passes

You can pay your fare in cash or purchase one of our convenient pre-paid passes.

Cash Fares

You can pay your fare in cash by simply dropping the exact change in the farebox. Exact fare required. Drivers cannot make change.


Regular: $1.00
*Discount: $.50
*Discount for seniors (65+), persons with disabilities and Medicare cardholders.

Children: Free
Under 6 years, when accompanied by a fare-paying adult

Fixed-Route Bus Passes

If you ride the bus regularly, you may want to buy a pass. We have several types of passes which will save you time and money. And you'll never have to worry about having the right change. Discount passes are for persons who are 65+, Medicare Card holders or persons who have a qualifying disability. The following passes are available for use on the fixed route buses only.

Download Route Maps/
Route Stop Times

Full Route Map (PDF)

Route Stop Times (PDF)

Download Rider's Guides
English (PDF)
Español (PDF)
Route Map English (PDF)
Route Map Español (PDF)
How to Use the Rider's Guide and Schedule

This website includes everything you need to plan your trips on SunTran.

Begin by finding the points where you are traveling to and from on the map. You will be able to see which route or routes connect your start point and destination.

Now find the schedule for the route you will be using first. (The schedules are color coded to match the color of the routes to which they correspond.)

Note that the Rider's Guide includes only major stops (not every bus stop) so find the timepoint closest to where you will be boarding the bus or for complete list of stops and times see section entitled "Download Route Maps/ Route Stop Times" above.

Read across the row to see the time that the bus will pickup at your stop. Please be 5 minutes early.

Now find the bus stop where you wish to travel to. If your destination is on the same route, simply read down from your pickup time to the row for your destination bus stop to see your arrival time.

If you need to transfer from one route to the other, note the time your first bus arrives at the Transit Center. Then go to the second schedule and find the time for the next departure from the Transit Center. Read down from the Transit Center departure time to the arrival time for your destination bus stop.

Where can I buy SunTran Passes?

  • SunTran Office
  • City Hall
  • Dixie State College Bookstore
  • Harmon's
  • Lin's Marketplace

ONE-DAY PASS - Good for unlimited rides for a single day.
Regular: $2.50

MONTH PASS - Good for unlimited rides during the calendar month.
Regular: $30.00

10-RIDE CARD - Good for 10 one-way trips. No expiration date.
Regular: $10.00
*Discount 10-Ride: $5.00

*Discount 10-RIDE CARDS are available at the Suntran office and City Hall only.

SEMESTER PASS - Good for unlimited rides for one semester.
Fall and Spring Semesters
Regular: $90.00

Summer Semester
Regular: $45.00

Paratransit Bus Passes

Those who have a qualifying disability and have been approved for PAratransit services may buy a 10-Trip card.
No expiration date: $18.00
Paratransit One-way Trip Fare: $2.00

Transferring Between Routes

If you need to use more than one route to complete your trip, please notify your bus operator that you need to transfer. Transfers are only allowed to board a connecting bus.