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Tuesday, May 16, 2023 to Thursday, June 29, 2023

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Kade Huff
Recreation Supervisor
(435) 627-4593

Recreation Center

Leisure Department @ City Commons Building

Youth T-Ball/Softball/Baseball using adapted High School rules. Outside of t-ball and coach pitch, all grades will be playing machine pitch for both boys and girls. 6 games guarantee for each team, a jersey will be provided for each participant on the team. Volunteer coaches are needed and necessary to help run a great program. We encourage all who are able and willing to volunteer to coach. Register in the grade division for the school year 2023-2024.  There will be a coaches meeting held virtually TBA.

Equipment and What to Wear
  • The program provides a jersey for each kid in the league.
  • We do encourage baseball pants to be worn, but there is no requirement for bottoms.
  • We will have batting helmets and bats at the games for use.
  • Each person is responsible for providing his/her own glove.
  • Participants will need to wear closed toed shoes.
  • No metal cleats are allowed.
  • We provide practice times and locations to coaches to sign up for. At those practice slots that we provide, we will also have some equipment for your team to practice with. 

This league is to better develop the skills of the individual as players and as a team.

To see the scheduled games go to: www.quickscores.com/sgcity

Pricing Information

Registration Fee:

  • Residents-$40.00
  • Non-Residents-$45.00

2023 MLB Pitch Hit & Run event (FREE)

June 10, 2023

Major League Baseball Pitch, Hit & Run (PHR) events provide boys and girls an opportunity to showcase their baseball and softball skills, with the opportunity of earning a chance to attend and compete for a Championship during the 2023 MLB World Series! 

Approved local events give youth organizations an opportunity to provide a free and high-quality experience for their participants. Even more, by hosting, they expand their programs, while building a strong relationship with MLB, MiLB, and its partners. 

The Pitch, Hit & Run program is a free event series for boys and girls, and consists of a series of movements that are important in baseball and softball. Participants will compete in either 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, or 13-14 age division, with the Age Cut-off set on November 15, 2023. They will be tested, and their measurements will be recorded for points. Based on their scores, they will advance from a local event to a Team Championship and then to the National Finals hosted at the World Series.