Roles and Duties of the St. George Youth Council


  • Preside over meetings of the Council
  • Coordinate all projects and activities
  • Plan and develop concepts
  • Assist and mentor directors and Council members in the execution of their duties
  • Respond to the interests of each member
  • Prepare an agenda for every meeting.

City Manager

  • Coordinate all affairs of the Council
  • Oversee budgets and approve all financial transactions
  • Act as mayor when the mayor is absent
  • Hold directors accountable

City Recorder

  • Take attendance
  • Take the minutes at each meeting
  • Act as the historian
  • Maintain and keep any records of the Council

Operations Director

  • Oversees and appoints project managers
  • Staff committees
  • Facilitate and evaluate progress on projects
  • Hold project managers and committees accountable

Recreation and Service Director

  • Determine and plan service  goals and objectives
  • Plan recreation activiites
  • Collaborate with the Operations Director to oversee recreation and service projects
  • Reoprt, in conjugation with the relevant project manager, or the success of each project

Communications Director

  • Notify members of any pertinent information 
  • Manage cloud and project management utilities
  • Act as the resident IT expert
  • Promote projects and activities, including advertising on social media

Government Liaison

  • Facilitate efficient relations with city government
  • Assist in the acquiring of permits
  • Assist the Mayor in coordinating events with City Council