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BY-LAWS OF THE St. George Youth Council, St. George Utah    


Whereas the youth (High School Grades: Sophomores to Seniors) of  the City of St. George, Utah ("the City") constitute an underutilized resource of ideas, knowledge and experience with respect to the City and its affairs: and

Whereas the Mayor of St. George ("the Mayor") seeks input from the youth into the affairs and issues of the City through a city youth council;


Now, therefore the Mayor and the City Council of the City hereby establish the St. George Youth Council as an advisory board, with all the rights, responsibilities, and privileges associated therewith. As such, and in order for tranquility to be maintained, the following by-laws are adopted by the St. George Youth Council. These same by-laws are to be endorsed and recognized by the City, the City Council, and the Mayor, as laws, rules, and stipulations specific to the St. George Youth Council. (More)