Payment Arrangement For Utility Service

Submitting this online payment arrangement to the Utilities Office is NOT an approval of the arrangement. It is required that you speak to a Utilities Representative for assistance in completing the online payment arrangement at 435-627-4700. Failure to speak to a Utilities Representative will result in the arrangement being denied.
An initial payment is required to start the payment arrangement (the initial payment required is the furthest payment past due). Identification is required to submit the payment arrangement and only the person listed on the utility account may apply for the payment arrangement.

This arrangement coincides with monthly bills until completed

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Service of one or more of the utilities supplied to you by the City of St. George is scheduled to be terminated in the very near future on a date which has previously been provided you. You have now requested that termination of service be postponed to give you opportunity to pay the arrearage.
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This agreement is for the amount(s) listed above, and does not include any future amounts that may become past due after today. Late fees will continue to accrue on the unpaid balance. Arrangements are non-transferrable to another address. Full past due balance must be paid in order to transfer services.