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Technical Services Division

Water and Energy Adminstration
811 East Red Hills Parkway

The Technical Services Division staff provides engineering and technical support to each of the other divisions in the department. The Technical Services division maintains the water rights owned by the City, provides monthly water quality sampling and testing, and updates and maintains an accurate GIS based map of all of the departments’ assets. 


The Technical Services Division also develops and maintains computer models of each of the water, irrigation, and wastewater systems to assist in long term master planning. 


The majority of our pump station, lift station, automatic flow valves, and tank levels are controlled and monitored by a computerized Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. The SCADA system was developed and is maintained by the Technical Services division. The SCADA system provides a more efficient way of controlling and monitoring the water distribution, irrigation, wastewater collections, and wastewater treatment systems.