St. George Regional Water Reclamation Facility Pretreatment Program

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On June 6 th 1991, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the State of Utah Division of Water Quality approved the St. George City Pretreatment Program.

The St. George City Pretreatment Program has been delegated primary responsibility for enforcing against discharges prohibited by 40 CFR 403.5 and applying and enforcing any national Pretreatment Standards established by the United States EPA in accordance with Section 307(b) and (c) of the Clean Water Act (CWA), as amended by the Water Quality Act (WQA), of 1987.

The General Pretreatment Regulations set responsibilities for federal, state, local government, industry, and the public to achieve the National Pretreatment Program Objectives.

Publicly Owned Treatment Works, (POTW) collect wastewater from homes, commercial buildings, and industrial/ commercial facilities and/or locations. This wastewater leaves these locations through a complex series of underground sewer lines called the sanitary wastewater collection system. The collection system transports wastewater to the POTW in Bloomington called the St. George Regional Water Reclamation Facility, (SGRWRF). Once the wastewater enters the SGRWRF, it is directed through a series of treatment technologies effectively removing harmful organisms and other contaminants.

Generally, POTW’s are designed to treat domestic sewage only. The SGRWRF is no exception to this point. However, as with other cities, the SGRWRF also receives wastewater from industrial and commercial sources, (non-domestic).

The General Pretreatment Standards and Regulations establish legal responsibilities of Federal, State, Local government, industry and the public to implement applicable Pretreatment Standards. The Pretreatment Standards protect the SGRWRF from pollutants which may pass through or interfere with the SGRWRF treatment processes or which may contaminate the beneficial use of the SGRWRF sewage sludge, (i.e. Biosolids).

“Pretreatment” is also defined in Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR) Subsection 403.


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