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Backflow Information

Water and Energy Adminstration
811 East Red Hills Parkway

What is the purpose of Backflow Prevention and why is it required? 


The backflow program was established to meet State and Federal water quality regulations to prevent contamination of the culinary water system. Backflow occurs when water pressure on the supply side of the meter drops below the pressure after the meter allowing water and contaminates to flow back into the culinary system. This can be possible when a hydrant is used to fight a fire, during a main line break, or other similar situations. Under these conditions with no backflow protection, contaminated water from a sprinkling system, trough, bucket, or other vessel can flow back into your residence and the water system. It is important to install and maintain an approved Backflow Assembly on all outside watering systems. Protect your Backflow Assembly from freezing and have it tested annually. Keep hose bib vacuum breakers on all exterior garden hose connections. 


Shared responsibility keeps our drinking water safe.

CERTIFIED BACKFLOW TECHNICIANS January 2021 PDF - 01-11-2021 View Download
St George Backflow Test Report Form PDF - 11-03-2016 View Download