Energy Department

Water and Energy Adminstration
811 East Red Hills Parkway

The mission statement for the City of St. George's Energy Services Department (SGESD) is to provide safe, affordable and reliable energy. SGESD currently has 59 employees and serves approximately 28,000 customers, including residential and commercial, with a current annual peak of 188 MW. SGESD offers twenty-four hour dispatch service for maintenance and repairs for existing customers (435-627-4835), and also coordinates with the building department to hook up new customers in a timely manner. The employees are divided among the Administration, Engineering, Distribution/Transmission/Generation, Operations and customer service. 

SGESD has a diverse wholesale energy portfolio, including coal, hydro, natural gas, diesel, and solar. The solar comes from the City's own solar farm "SunSmart", which has a nameplate capacity of 250 KW. SGESD generates power internally at the MillCreek Gas Generation facility, which consists of two 40 MW GE LM 6000 gas turbine generator sets. SGESD also has 20 MW of diesel generation located at two locations; the Bloomington and Red Rock facilities. SGESD receives the remaining power requirements via transmission lines located throughout the state.