The City of St. George has offered rebates on replacement of older high flow toilets with WaterSense™ labeled models for a number of years.  Funding for these programs is from


• City of St. George

• Grants from the Bureau of Reclamation

• Matching funds from WCWCD


Since 2012 3,563 toilets have been replaced.  As part of the requirements of the grant funding, water use records are reviewed at the conclusion of each grant period.  


The most recent grant funding concluded in November of 2014.  In that grant period, 1,006 toilets were replaced.  A water savings of approximately 200,000 gallons annually for 3,000 gallons water saved per toilet replaced is estimated based on a comparison of water consumption one year prior and post toilet replacement.  


Water savings is an estimate based on water consumption of a randomly selected sample of program participants for the months November – March which reflects primarily indoor water use. 



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