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Its Simple 

BluCan allows you to conveniently recycle without ever leaving your home!

With BluCan YouCan recycle paper, plastic, metal and cardboard. In St. George, BluCan is affordable at just $3.12 per month, slightly more than the cost of a gallon of gas. It will hold up to 94 gallons of recycled materials and is picked up curbside every other week.

If you currently have curbside trash collection at your residence you are already enrolled in the program and your BluCan will be delivered around the beginning of 2016. Once service begins, BluCan will be billed through your monthly city utility statement.


Frequently Asked Questions

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The fee for St. George residents will be $3.12 per month. If you are not a St. George resident, please contact the City in which you live as each City's program is different.
The nominal fee is designed to cover the cost of picking up and transporting your recyclables. This fee also covers administrative costs.
Recycling will be collected on the same day as your regular trash collection day every other week but by a separate company so may occur at different times that same day.
Yes. The binnie program will still be available at select locations throughout Washington County.
BluCan Curbside Recycling is only available to residents who already have curbside trash removal services. If you have additional questions, please contact the Washington County Solid Waste District at 435-673-2813.
BluCan is a residential curbside recycling service only and does not offer recycling services to businesses.
If you are currently using curbside recycling services through Republic Waste you should plan to keep your blue recycling can as it will be used in the new BluCan program. Your billing will automatically switch over to BluCan and appear on your city utility bill sometime after February 1, 2016.
If someone moves to St. George now that the opt out period end has ended, they will automatically be enrolled in BluCan, and will be unable to opt out.
Yes. Residents who formally opted out of BluCan during the September 1, 2015 to October 31, 2015 opt out period, and subsequently move to another residence in St. George, will remain opted out at their new location provided they do not move outside of St. George in the interim.
Residents who have opted out of BluCan but then later change their mind can opt in by contacting the St. George Utilities Office.
Every municipality has slightly different policies regarding the BluCan program. Residents who move out of St. George to another city or town in Washington County should check with that city's utility office or Washington County Solid Waste.
Like any residential customer, you can be opted out if the utility account is in your name. If at any time after November 1, 2015 the account name changes, the new occupant will be automatically enrolled in the program. If/when the property rolls back into your (Landlord) name after November 1st, you will also be automatically enrolled in curbside recycling.
The opt-out period per city ordinance began September 1, 2015 and ended October 31, 2015. Anyone who did not opt-out during this timeframe is automatically enrolled in BluCan.

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