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Average Monthly Payment Program

Average Monthly Payment Program

The City of St. George has adopted an Average Monthly Payment (AMP) Budget Plan, allowing

residential customers to pay a 12-month average payment to assist with personal budgeting.

How It Works

The Average Monthly Payment Plan gives you the convenience of averaging your utility bill payments

over a full year’s time. The average payment is figured by taking the current charges plus the prior 11-

month actual charges to calculate the new average for that month’s payment, also factoring in

approximately 1/12 th of the overage or shortage at that time. Your meter will continue to be read each


What Happens When I Terminate my Average Monthly Payment Plan?

When the Average Payment Plan is terminated, the deferred balance is applied to the next bill and

becomes due.

How Do I Sign Up for the Average Monthly Payment Plan?

Complete the online application at www.sgcity.org

Once you complete the application, you will be directed to sign up for Autopay. You must sign

up for Autopay to be on the Average Monthly Payment Plan.