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SunTran Advertising - How to get started


  • Pick available space to rent.
  • Sign a contract.
  • Pay first and last of ad space. (We hold the last month as a deposit. You may pay in full for your contract if you desire.)
  • Work with us to get your logos and artwork for the setup of your ad.  (We like to have this within the first week, so we may have your ad printed and installed within two weeks of signing the contract. You may send us an ad you want to use. We will provide you with the file format you can send.)

Artwork must be approved before it will be sent to print.

We will keep you updated on timing of your ad printing and when it is placed on the bus.

We pay for the printing of your ad. We will send you a photo of your ad on the bus as soon as it is possible to get you one.

The contract starts two weeks from the signing of the contract unless we fail to get your ad on the bus by that date or if we have agreed on a time to start.

*Cost per period. 1 period = 4 weeks (28 days) Rates are net and include production, installation, maintenance
and removal. All sign content is subject to approval. SunTran Transit Authority and its agents reserve the right to reject
advertising based on their standards and shall not be liable for art, production, and/or cost incurred by advertiser
or its agency if advertising is rejected. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice. Icons are provided for
reference only. Please contact your SunTran rep for exact design size and specifications.



All Pricing is for a 4 Week Period

Offer Expires on 04/30/2020 or Before if Spaces are Sold Out.

Ad Location on the Bus Ad Space Ad Size Ad Dimensions Regular Price 30% Off
Inside Card 11" H x 17" W $25 N/A
King Kong 7 ft W x 6 Ft H 85" W x 74" H $515 $360
Queen 86 W" x 28" H $215 $150
Half Crown Small 85" W x 38" H $300 $210
Half Back 84" W x 18" H $300 $210
King Large 108" W x 28" H $355 $245
King Extra Large 142" W x 28" H $400 $280
Half Crown Large 150" W x 38" H $600 $420
Full Crown Medium 202" W x 38" H $975 $680
Full Crown Extra Large 337" W x 38" H $1400 $980

To reserve a space please contact Susie Allen at 435-627-4074
Contact Susie Online

Frequently Asked Questions

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No discounts are allowed.  
Yes you can pay in full at the signing of your contract.  
Yes we collect the 1st & the last month to start.  
Yes we collect first & last. Last month is held as a deposit.  
No, we pay for the printing of your ad.  
No, we can’t show favoritism to anyone.  
We do our best to get your ad done & on the bus in two weeks.
You get over one Million impressions per month.  
No, the buses rotate routes.  


Susie Allen
Advertising Manager
435 627 4074