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Streets Division

Streets Division
895 East Red Hills Parkway

The Streets Division is responsible for maintenance of public streets, drainage ways and associated services. The Streets Division maintains over 1,500 lane miles of roadway, 11,000 signs, 180 miles of storm drain pipe, 1300 acres of flood plains, and 46 traffic signals with only 33 employees and an annual budget of approximately $4,500,000.

Services provided by the Streets Division include: asphalt repair; pavement sealing; striping; signing; maintaining and installing traffic signals; weed abatement; tamarisk removal; flood control; storm drain installation, repair, and cleaning; concrete construction and repair; street sweeping; and operation of the ReUse Center. 

These experienced and trained professional employees are required to hold many certifications for the safe and quality performance of their jobs. All Streets Division members are required to be certificated in Construction, Signing and Flagging, hold First Aid and CPR certification and Heavy Equipment Operations certification through the Utah LTAP Center, Class “A” CDL driver license with: tanker endorsement, Herbicide certification, OSHA Trenching and Shoring Certification, Construction Work Zone Certification, and the American Concrete Institution Certification

The Traffic Crew operates and maintains 46 traffic signals and over 11,200 signs. The division runs its own sign shop where it produces, designs, and repairs hundreds of signs per year. Streets throughout the city have pavement stencils updated, and are striped annually. Each crew member is required to additionally hold IMSA Pavement Marking Technician Certification, and IMSA Traffic Signal Certification, levels I and II. 

The Asphalt Crew uses approximately 370 tons of asphalt per year to effect road repairs and seals 40 lane miles of pavement with a chip-seal application. The asphalt crew repairs over 70,000 square feet of utility cuts, and fills thousands of pot holes in a year.

The Concrete Crew performs small structural construction and maintenance. They repair over 6,000 square feet of hazardous sidewalk annually and construct drainage boxes, curb and gutter etc. 

The Roadside crew maintains roadway shoulders and drainage ways.  Roadside maintains 181 miles of storm drain throughout the city along with 9,299 catch basins, and drainage structures. They install approximately 1,500 feet of storm drain pipe annually. They also provide maintenance of the storm drain system including open channels and river ways.  This adds up to over 1,300 acres of weed abatement, they are currently engaged in a coordinated effort to eradicate 1,500 acres of tamarisk trees from the city’s open space. These species are choking up drainage ways and creating fire hazards.