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Reuse Center
575 East Brigham Road

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The Reuse Center provides a public service by accepting Green Waste and Green Waste Trash from citizens as well as selling compost. The center saves the city nearly $100,000 per year with its operation. Approximately 6,000 tons of green waste is also collected every year and composted in cooperation with the Washington County Solid Waste District. Over 400 tons of compost is sold at the Reuse Center annually.



The Reuse Center Hours of Operation:


•    7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday

•    7:00 AM to 3:00 PM Saturday

•    Closed Sunday



•    575 East Brigham Road


The Reuse Center will be closed for the following Holidays:

•    New Year's Day (Jan. 1st)

•    Martin Luther King Jr. Day

•    Presidents Day

•    Memorial Day

•    Freedom Day (June 19th)

•    Independence Day (July 4th)

•    Pioneer Day (July 24th)

•    Labor Day

•    Veteran's Day (Nov. 11th)

•    Thanksgiving Day

•    The Day after Thanksgiving

•    Christmas Day (Dec.25th)



The Reuse Center Accepts:

Green waste (can be Composted)

  Most grasses, leaves, limbs, etc..


         Commercial Fee - $15 minimum up to a 1000 lbs. or $30 per

                                     ton over 1000 lbs..                 

         Residential Fee - $3 minimum up to a 1000 lbs. Or $10 per

                                    ton over 1000 lbs..


 Green waste Trash (can not be Composted)

 Any part of Palm trees, Pampas grass, cactus of any kind, Yucca

 or Joshua trees, Bamboo, Tumble weeds, Oleanders, root

 systems, and Sod.    


Commercial Fee - $20 minimum up to a 1000 lbs or $40 per

                            ton over 1000 lbs..                                    

Residential Fee - $5 minimum up to 1000 lbs or $40 per ton                                        

                                           over 1000 lbs.


•      All uncovered loads will be charged a $10 fee


The Reuse Center will not accept:

•    Painted wood or lumber with nails.

•    Plastic, cardboard or other household garbage.

•    Building materials or appliances.

•    Concrete or Asphalt.


Available at the Reuse Center:

•      Compost - $40 per ton

•      Sandbags, for flooding, are available to St. George City residents year round for free.



If you have any questions, please feel free to call:

•    (435) 627-4028