January 19 Update: This week the contractor paved along Bloomington Drive from 1470 West Street towards Marigold Way.  They will begin removing the old roadway and placing new roadbase next week from Marigold Way towards Manzanita Road.  They are also working on placing temporary waterline and new waterline from Manzanita Road to Mulberry Drive

As work progresses, utilities are located and lowered or replaced, the center 40' is paved, and then the edges are paved later to match driveways and existing improvements. The contractor and city appreciate the patience and support residents have displayed as the work progresses.

Interested persons who would like more information about the project, or any information for a specific location are invited to attend a weekly information meeting held at the Wastewater Treatment Facility, 3780 Treatment Plant Road each Tuesday 1:15 pm. Or to meet with a project representative on-site. Please contact Jay Sandberg, City Engineer, 435.703.2672, with any questions or concerns, or to make arrangements to meet at the site.



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