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UDOT, in cooperation with the City of St. George, proposes to widen River Road, including the River Road Bridge over the Virgin River, to accommodate two additional travel lanes along River Road, additional left turn lanes at the intersections of East Riverside Dr. and 1450 South, and wider pedestrian crossings. The intersections of River Road and East Riverside Drive and River Road and 1450 South would be widened to accommodate three lanes in each direction with dual left turn lanes at the northbound River Road/East Riverside Drive intersection and the southbound River Road/1450 South intersection.


Additional lane realignment extending out from River Road along East Riverside Drive and 1450 South will also be necessary to facilitate the additional left turn lanes onto River Road. Where applicable, culverts and headwalls will be extended, and new sidewalks and signage will be installed.


The project will be under construction from July 2020-April 2021