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Lloyd Sutton
Active Transportation Coordinator

City Hall
175 East 200 North
Fax: 435-627-4731

St. George’s location, natural resources, mild weather during most of the year, and an extensive existing network of paved and natural surface trails have made walking and bicycling (or active transportation) popular forms of transportation and recreation.

St. George seeks to improve upon the city’s and region’s reputations for healthy activity by proposing policies and standards, programs, and infrastructure that will create a more cohesive walking and bicycling network that is comfortable enough for people of all ages and abilities to walk or ride a bike to school or work, shop, visit friends, or exercise.

Walking and bicycling are not niche activities or sports, but rather should be integral pieces of transportation and recreation systems and strategies, allowing St. George residents and visitors to enjoy increased mobility and independence, increased property values, improved health, a safer walking and bicycling environment, and, in general, better quality of life. A city designed to safely and naturally allow everyone to experience these benefits, from an eight-year-old walking to school to an eighty-year-old wanting to visit friends or family, or buy groceries, is a successful city.

The vision for St. George is to be a place where residents and visitors of all ages and abilities can easily and confidently walk or ride a bicycle for transportation and recreation.” St. George has seven goals with sub-objectives and actions accompany this vision:


  •                 Coordination & Planning
  •                 Education, Promotion, & Encouragement
  •                 Funding
  •                 Maintenance
  •                 Network, Facilities, & Design
  •                 Safety
  •                 Other 



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