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The Fields at Little Valley

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The Fields at Little Valley
2995 South 2350 East Street

This area of the park is the second phase of a multi-phase project. This park has covered pavilions, two restrooms, with a future third restroom to be built, and six soccer fields. There are two playgrounds with a splash pad and on the west side of the park are 24 Pickleball courts.

To make reservations for any private tournaments please call 435-627-4531

* No Reservations the weekend of Marathon *

Pickleball Court Reservation Fees

*Courts 1-12 are available for reservations*

  Resident (City of St. George) Non-Resident
Per Court, Per Hour (Recreational) $10 $15
Per Court, Per Hour Group (Recreational) $10 $15

Professional Reservation - All Day (8 Hours) Per Court

$120 $160

Professional Reservation - Half Day (6 Hours) Per Court

$90 $120

Per Court, Per Hour (Professional Lessons)

$25 $30
  • Recreational Reservations - 2 hours max; 2 courts max
  • Group Recreational Reservations - 2 hours min. 4 hours max; 6 courts max
  • Hourly Professional Lessons - 2 hours max; 1 court max
    • Requires a special permit to teach on City property

Multi-Use Field Reservation Fees

  Resident (City of St. George) Non-Resident
Per Field, Per Hour $15 $15
Full Size Field (All Day) $500 $500
Two Undersized Fields (All Day) $800 $800
Three Undersized Fields (All Day) $1000 $1000
Four Hour Block $275 $275
Tournament Use (Peak Season)* $6000 $6000


*Required to Rent out Entire Complex

Peak Season: October 1 - April 30

Little Valley Baseball and Softball Reservation Fees

  Resident (City of St. George) Non-Resident
Per Field, Per Hour $15 $15
Per Field, Per Day (Off Season, All Day) $300 $300
Per Field, Per Day (Off Season, 4 Hour Time Block)  $175 $175
Tournament Use Per Field, Per Day (Peak Season)* $500



*Peak Season: October 1 - April 30

Volleyball Court Reservation Fees

  Resident (City of St. George) Non-Resident
Per Court, Per Hour $10 $10

Frequently Asked Questions

No, they damage the turf and are NOT ALLOWED.

Yes, there are outlets in most pavilions.  The outlets are good for warming food and the use of a stereo. The outlets cannot accommodate the use of a bounce house.  A bounce house must have its own generator. There are drinking fountains, but the use of hoses and water from a spigot are not available for the public to use.


You make all park reservations online! Here's how:

1. Click here or visit https://www.sgcity.org/parkreservations/ .

2. Select the park you want from the map, scroll down on the park information window and click "Reserve an Amenity".

3. Sign in or create an account with the City of St. George.

4. Once you have logged into your account, select the amenity and the date and time you would like to reserve it. 


Please call (435) 627-4530, or stop by our Parks Office (390 N. 3050 E., St. George) Mon-Fri between 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m if you are having issues making reservations online.

You will be emailed a Facility Reservation Permit to keep with you during your activity.  You may post your Facility Reservation Permit, if desired, at least one hour before your reservation begins to let people know that the area is reserved. The City of St. George is not responsible for doing so. 

7:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.;  12:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.;  and 5:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.

Parks are open sunrise to 10:00 p.m., except in those areas posted with alternative hours or if extended hours were approved for a city approved event.

A special event is typically a one-time event such as a sports tournament, concert, walk or run in a park/trail. A park reservation AND a Special Event Permit are required to hold this type of event in a park or on a trail. To have a special event you must first make the park or trail reservation and then contact Special Events at (435) 627-4712 to obtain the Special Event Permit.

  • 1100 East Park
  • Atkinville Wash Park
  • Black Hill View Park
  • Blake Memorial Park
  • Bloomington Hills North Park
  • Bloomington Hills Park
  • Brooks Nature Park
  • College Park
  • Hidden Valley Park
  • Petroglyph Park
  • Snake Hollow Bike Park
  • The Canyons Complex
  • Thunder Junction Park

Available Amenities

Covered Pavillion
Drinking Fountains
Electric Outlets
Pickleball Courts
Picnic Tables
Soccer Field
Softball Field
Splash Pad
Walking Path
WiFi Hotspot