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Fleet Division

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Courtney Stephens
Fleet Manager

City Hall
175 East 200 North
Fax: 435-627-4731

The Fleet Division prides itself on providing professional service to support the fleet needs of all city departments. It provides quick turn around all maintenance and repairs of city vehicles and equipment from lawn mowers to fire engines and everything in between. The division also assists city departments with the acquisition and up-fit of all new vehicles and equipment.


Fleet Division by the Numbers:

4th largest fleet in the State of Utah 

8th year in a row ASE Blue Seal Certified (10% of fleets nationally hold this certification)

Approved by 22 manufacturers as a warranty shop


Maintains 964 vehicles and equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

The Fleet Division is building a new 8,500 sq. ft. facility for heavy equipment repairs to the north west of the existing building due to fleet growth in recent years. 
Yes, the Fleet Division has 1.5, full-time technicians dedicated to maintaining the 11 existing buses, 4 paratransit vehicles and up-fitting new buses for use. 
The technicians maintain over 950 pieces of equipment. On any given day they are working on everything from a riding lawn mower transmission to the hydraulics on a ladder fire engine and everything in between. Due to frequent use, city equipment is in constant need of maintenance. Technicians are trained to work on over 100 unique pieces of equipment.
Per city policy all city equipment is sold through a state-contracted auction company several times per year.