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Stormwater for Residents

Residents play a bigger part of a complete stormwater system than they may believe. Many people mistakenly believe that the water that runs into our inlets and stormwater system is treated before entering a waterway. This assumption is false and dangerous as it allows for complacency. Anything that is washed into the storm drain system is washed directly to the rivers or washes in our city. The following activities are areas that have been identified as common pollution sources and are considered high priority:

  • Pool Care & Maintenance
  • Automotive Maintenance Activities
  • Landscaping
  • Pet Waste
  • Septic Tanks

Get Involved!

The Adopt a Waterway Program is a program that facilitates the monitoring, clean up, and enhancement of stream/river segments of Southern Utah and is open to individuals and organizations interested in helping the environment. To participate in the Adopt a Waterway program, volunteers will register to clean up a stream segment at least two times a year for a two year period. Once a group has achieved their first cleanup event, the group qualifies to have their name on an Adopt a Waterway trail sign, in addition to recognition in marketing materials and on the website! Please visit the website below for more information:

Adopt a Waterway Program

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