Stormwater for Construction

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DEQ Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP's)

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Construction Stormwater Resources

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Common Plan of Development (CPOD) Resources

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(Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan)

The City of St. George requires all construction projects to obtain the proper permit and submit the appropriate SWPPP documents before disturbing any area as part of a construction project. The types of projects and permits are:

  • Construction General Permit (CGP)
    • This is generally applicable to projects that are over an acre in size, or under an acre if part of a Common Plan of Development that is over an acre.
  • Common Plan of Development Permit (COPD)
    • This permit is generally applicable to projects disturbing less than one acre, usually smaller housing projects on a single lot and disturbing less than one acre.
  • Erosivity Waiver Permit (LEW)
    • This permit specifically applies to projects that are 1-5 acres in size and have an "R" factor of less than 5. The “R” factor refers to the second revision of the universal soil loss equation. RUSLE 2 is a predictor of potential rainfall that could take place during the time of construction. This can be calculated at the following link:


In addition to obtaining the applicable permit, operators, owners, or contractors will also be required to submit a SWPPP to the City Stormwater Department for correction and approval prior to the start of work.

A SWPPP is a plan that details how you will manage your site during construction and how stormwater will be protected from all pollutants possibly generated by construction activities. It should be personalized to your site and target mitigation efforts, best management practices, and overall good housekeeping measures that are going to be followed. A SWPPP template can be found in the resources below as well as at Utah Department of Water Quality website below. Other documents such as a BMP map, Delegation of Authority, and others will also be required. Templates can be found below.

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Kristi Schultz
Stormwater Manager