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The St. George Races Flex Challenge Series is designed as a hybrid between individual training and full-blown race events.  We set up the timing mat and you decide to run solo, or with a group of friends anytime the course is open.  The Series offers you the opportunity to improve your running skills, train for events or just work on getting in shape.

Set up like a real race you will get some cool swag, real time results and a medal for each Challenge. 

The FLEX has three events with three components: Road Running, Trail Running and Hill Climb Challenge.

Road Run Challenge is a 5 mile road race on January 28th

Trail Run Challenge is a 4 mile run on February 25th

Hill Climb Challenge is a 3ish mile run on March 25th

Designed with a flexible price structure, you can choose to do the entire SGR Flex Series, all three runs for $60.00 or each individual monthly challenge for $25.00 each.

For more information about each Challenge just click on the icons below.

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As we did last season you will have the FLEX start option .You can start anytime between 9:00 - 11:00 am. No need to pick a wave this year. Just show up, warm up and hit the start line at your leisure.


The Road Run “Barn to be Wild “ January 28, 2023

5.2 miles

It’s the Mayor’s Loop on the Virgin River Trail!  No need to pick a wave this year. Just show up, warm up and hit the start line at your leisure. Will it be cold you ask? Probably, but cool running weather is not an experience we enjoy often in St George so take advantage while you can.  We’ll start at St James Park, run south, cross the bridge to Confluence Park, head north to River Road, cross the Virgin River and dash back to St James Park.


The Trail Run "Escape to Paradise" February 25, 2023

4.0 miles

Ready to get a little dirty? Grab those trail shoes and maybe a few band aids and hit the dirt! Yes, we’re going back to everyone’s favorite, City Creek Trail. It will be a bit shorter, a little easier and in the opposite direction from last year. Join us for the only FLEX trail run in 2022.


The Hill Climb "March Mayhem" March 25, 2023

2 or 3 miles

This Hill Climb is on a newly paved road that climbs from Indian Hills Drive up to the old airport. It’s a great, paved trail you’ll love!  The run is 2 miles total OR, for the extreme (or extremely foolish) runner we’ve added a little side jaunt that will test even the toughest competitors! No extra charge for this challenge but we’ll be pretty impressed by anyone who chooses this addition.