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Come Join us on Saturdays from 12:00 - 6:00 pm to experience our aquatic obstacle course called the "Wibit" 





Frequently Asked Questions

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You must Start where the Line Forms Once you go down the slope you need to exit the Pool No Pushing People Off No Rough Play No Standing on top of the Walls or Slope portion No Lifejackets Allowed No Jumping over the Handle Wall No Swimming Under or Around the Wibit If you Fall Off, You Must Swim to the Side of the Pool, Get Out, and Then Get Back In Line Swim Test Required You Must be Wearing a Wristband Showing that You Completed the Swim Test    
Age doesn't matter as long as the participant can swim 1 length of the lap pool by themselves without any flotation devices before using the Wibit.
There is a designated area of the lap pool used to do swim tests on Saturday while the Wibit is up.  Please look for the Sand Hollow Aquatic Center Employee that is giving out Wristbands.  They will be the one to give you the Swim Test which includes the participant swimming 25 yards across the lap pool without any help.  The swimmer is not allowed to use flotation devices, stop, or touch the bottom during the test. Once the test had been completed the swimmer will receive their wristband and be able to use the Wibit for the rest of the open swim hours.  Swim tests will need to be retaken every week.