Junior Development Ages 10 1/2 to 14 Green Dot Ball

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Jr. Development clinics utilize a 75% compressed green dot ball and a 78’ court (full size court) to help players between the ages of 10 and 13 and staying within the parameters of the USTA (United States Tennis Association). 

Days:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & or Thursday

Time:  Beginner & Intermediate / 4:00pm to 5:30pm

           Team JD / 4:00pm to 6:00pm (Invitation Only!)

Location:  Tonaquint Tennis Center / 1851 South Dixie Drive


Packages and Sessions

All packages are 6 week long sessions.  Your session begins on your first day of tennis.  Clinics and lessons will be tracked by tennis attendants. 

All packages will have a two week variance to make-up clinics. After the two week variance the package has expired. Package expiration may be excused for illness, injury, or approved school functions. All requests to extend package dates need to be emailed to Wayne Bullock or Hilary Koch for approval.

Level and Syllabus Descriptions

     Beginner Level  -  For beginner players with little or no tennis experience. 

     Syllabus for Beginner level players:

  • Week One:  Introduction to forehand ground strokes, grip, and spin.  Intro to parts of the court and racket.
  • Week Two:  Introduction to backhand ground strokes, grip and spin. 
  • Week Three:  Review of forehand and backhand ground stroke, grip and spin.  Introduction to scoring.
  • Week Four:  Review of forehand and backhand ground stroke, grip and spin.  Review of scoring and intro to match play
  • Repeat to Week One

     Intermediate Level -  Players with some tennis experience who can demonstrate proper strokes at times. 

          Prerequisite for intermediate level:  Knowledge of scoring, ground stroke grips, parts of the court and the forehand and backhand ground stroke components.  Players must have a fundamental swing using topspin, and be           consistent with getting balls into play using drop feeds and toss feeds.

     Syllabus for Intermediate players:

  • Week One:  Forehand ground stroke, introduction to footwork while using the forehand ground stroke
  • Week Two:  Backhand ground stroke, introduction to footwork while using the backhand ground stroke
  • Week Three:  Forehand and Backhand ground stroke, changing grips from forehand to backhand.  Introduction to serving
  • Week Four:  Review of serving, ground strokes
  • Repeat to Week One

    Team JD  -  Players who have achieved a high level of ability that can handle full speed and court of Green Dot Balls. Players will continue to work on their strokes, court coverage and strategy.  

          Prerequisite for Team J.D.:  Technical knowledge of the serve, grip, swing and types.  Show proper footwork with ground strokes.   Player should be able to do the following skill set:  Hit 7 out of 10 fed forehands and backhands cross court and down the line and rally 10 balls in a row with a coach using forehand or backhand ground strokes.

     Syllabus for Team JD

  • Week One:  Serving, Introduction to Volleys
  • Week Two:  Serving, ground strokes and doubles strategy
  • Week Three:  Serving, ground strokes and singles strategy
  • Week Four:  Serves and returns, intro to overheads
  • Week Five: Serves, ground strokes, specialty shots
  • Week Six:  Serves, Backhand slice, specialty shots

NoTennis Clinic Dates:

February 17th- Presidents Day

March 16th-20th- Spring Break

April 13th- Spring Recess

*May 15th concludes regular hours. Summer hours begin June 1st





Pricing Information

Drop- in Fee: $15

Package A:  $70 / person / Clinic once a week (Add 3 private lessons for $125.00)

Package B:  $120 / person / Clinic twice a week (Add 3 private lessons for $125.00)

Package C:  $160 / person / Clinic 3X a week (Add 3 private lessons for $125.00)

Package D: $200 / person / Clinic 4X a week (Add 3 private lessons for $125.00)

**  Semi/private lessons will be scheduled with our tennis staff.  To schedule lessons please contact us at 435-703-1146 or email wayne.bullock@sgcity.org

+ ADD: Liveball Package / $50 - Liveball 2x a week / 6 week session* (That's 2 free Liveballs!)

Tennis Shack

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Tennis & Pickleball Head Pro
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Hilary Koch
Tennis & Pickleball Specialist / Instructor


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Please contact Wayne or Hilary 




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