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 10 n Under Tennis / Ages 6 to 10

Days:  Tuesday & or Thursday

Time:  4:30pm to 5:30pm (Beginner & Intermediate)

           4:30pm to 6:00pm (Advance)(Team Orange is invitation only.)

Ages:  6 to 10.5

Location:  Tonaquint Tennis Center / 1851 S. Dixie Drive


Orange ball clinic will be played on a 60’ court and 50% compression orange balls to help players improve their tennis game.  Tennis rackets and court size are scaled down to the size of the youth players, allowing them to use proper technique.  Orange Ball clinic stays within the parameters of the USTA 10 n Under national program. 

Level Descriptions:

4:30pm to 5:30pm / Level 1  -  For beginner players with little or no tennis experience.  Players in level 1 will learn the forehand and backhand groundstroke, parts of the court, court etiquette and scoring.   See class syllabus on back. 

4:30pm to 5:30pm / Level 2 -  Players with some tennis experience who can demonstrate proper strokes at times.   Players will continue to development forehand and backhand groundstrokes putting them on course for Team Orange. 

4:30pm to 6:00pm / Advanced / Team Orange  -  Players who have achieved a level of ability that can handle full speed and court of Orange Balls and 60’ court.  Players will continue to work on their forehand and backhand groundstrokes.  Players will be introduced to the serve, volley and match play.     Players are on course for Jr. Development Green Dot Balls.   (Team Orange is invitation only.  Time is from 4:30pm to 6:00pm allowing for match play,)

Level 1 & Level 2 Syllabus:

  • Week 1 & 2: Forehand Groundstroke, parts of the court, games
  • Week 3 & 4: Backhand Groundstroke, court etiquette, games
  • Week 5 & 6: Review of Forehand & Backhand ground strokes, scoring. *Beginner & Intermediate players will be placed in the Non Serve division for the "end of session tournament"

 Team Orange Syllabus:

  • Week 1 & 2:  Forehand & backhand groundstrokes, intro to serving
  • Week 3 & 4:  Intro to Volleys, continue practicing groundstrokes and serves
  • Week 5 & 6: Singles strategy, consistency with groundstrokes, lots of serving.

"Hit Around" Description

Hit Around is a chance for players to just play tennis with staff supervision. Players will play games such as Run N Gun, Bling Bling, and much much more.

End of Session Tournament Description

At the end of each 10 n Under session we will be holding a tournament for those players in that session.  The tournament will be timed matches playing round robin or double elimination.  Players will be placed into their divisions based on their skill in the clinics.  Players who are in the beginner and intermediate levels will not be required to serve overhead, they can drop feed a ball into play.  Team Orange players (Advance) are required to serve.  We believe that playing tournaments is what makes tennis fun, it allows the players to use what they were taught during the six weeks.  I have been to countless activities with my kids ranging form dancing, orchestra, even acceleration.  Each of these activities they provide an end of session activity so the kids can show off their skills.  The end of session tennis tournament will allow your kids to show off their skills.  Win or lose, it doesn't matter.  No gets elimination from these tournaments.  Players will have to earn there trophies, sorry we do not give trophies to everyone. 

Fall 2019 Schedule

Session I: August 27th & or 29th thru October 1st & or 3rd (6 Weeks) 

-Saturday "Hit Around" Dates: 

Saturday, August 31st  / 9am to 10am

Saturday,September 14th  / 9am to 10am   

- End of Session Tournament: Saturday, October 5th   / Time:9am to 11:30am

Session II: October 15th & or 17th thru November 19th & or 21st (6 Weeks) 

-Saturday "Hit Around" Dates: 

Saturday,October 26th  / 9am to 10am

Saturday,November 9th  / 9am to 10am   

End of Session Tournament: Saturday, November 23rd   / Time:9am to 11am

Winter 2020 Schedule

Session I: January 7th & or 9th thru February 11th & or 13th (6 Weeks) 

-Saturday "Hit Around" Dates: 

Saturday, TBA / 9am to 10am

Saturday,TBA  / 9am to 10am   

End of Session Tournament: Saturday, TBA   / Time:9am to 11am  

Spring 2020 Schedule

Session I: February 18th & or 20th thru March 31st & or April 2nd (6 Weeks) 

-Saturday "Hit Around" Dates: 

Saturday,TBA  / 9am to 10am

Saturday,TBA  / 9am to 10am   

End of Session Tournament: Saturday, TBA   / Time:9am to 11am

Session II: April 7th & or 9th thru May 12th & or 14th (6 Weeks) 

-Saturday "Hit Around" Dates: 

Saturday,TBA  / 9am to 10am

Saturday, TBA / 9am to 10am   

End of Session Tournament: Saturday,TBA   / Time:9am to 11am     NO Tennis Clinic Dates

September 2nd- Labor Day

October 7-11th- Huntsman Senior Games

October 17-18th- Fall Break

November 28-29th- Thanksgiving Break

December 23rd-January 3rd- Winter Holiday






Pricing Information

10 n Under Tennis Packages and Pricing

Beginner & Intermediate (4:30pm to 5:30pm)

Package A:  $60 / person / Clinic once a week + Hit Around and Tournament (Add 6 half hour private lessons for $125)

Package B: $80 /person / Clinic twice a week + Hit Around and Tournament (Add 6 half hour private lessons for $125)

Advanced (4:30pm to 6:00pm)

Package A:  $70 / person / Clinic once a week + Hit Around and Tournament (Add 6 half hour private lessons for $125)

Package B: $90 /person / Clinic twice a week + Hit Around and Tournament (Add 6 half hour private lessons for $125)

to schedule lessons please contact us at 435-703-1146 or email wayne.bullock@sgcity.org

All packages are 6 weeks





Registration Issues?

Please contact Wayne or Hilary 




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City Commons
220 North 200 East
Recreation Center
285 South 400 East
Tonaquint Tennis Center
1851 South Dixie Drive