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Dreyton was raised in Michigan, and has been playing tennis for more than 6 years. He started playing tennis after he saw it on a TV show, and he loved it. His favorite thing about tennis is playing competitively against other people who hit really clean, solid shots back and forth across the court. His favorite thing about coaching is that he gets to help the kids out, and loves it when his students get the "ah ha" moment, he says it makes him feel like he is doing the best he can to help his students! He played tennis all 4 years in high school, and played at the state competition. He also won first place in the gold bracket of a school invitational tournament his senior year. When he isn't playing tennis, Dreyton likes to relax by playing video games, or reading comic books (and calls himself a nerd at heart.) He likes memorizing things and can rap the song "Alphabet Aerobics" by Blacklicious!