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Cydnee was born and raised in Saint George, Utah. She started playing tennis 8 years ago after watching her older sister getting cheered on at a tournament; Cydnee wanted that same crowd cheering for her. She loves tennis because she can play aggressive, and loves the feeling she gets after winning a hard fought rally (and being able to tastefully yell and fist pump). She likes coaching because she can help her students both on and off the courts, and loves the bonds she makes with the kids. She won her first tournament at 14, and has won countless since. Cydnee went pro in 2015, and is working on chasing points. When she's not playing tennis she likes weightlifting, dancing, reading, traveling, making people laugh, hanging out with her family, and her dogs. She plans to use her pro career to use her voice and money to help fight and extinguish human sex trafficking.