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Ashley was born in Dubai, and lived there for 13 years. She started playing tennis while living in Dubai, and played for 2 years there. When she got to high school here in Saint George she started playing again. Ashley started playing tennis because her mom really wanted her to, and once she started she fell in love with it. She likes volleys a lot, but her favorite part of tennis is how happy it makes her. Ashley likes coaching because she gets to see her kids grow into great players, and enjoys watching them progress in each group. She was captain of Dixie High School in 2016, played on varsity for 2 years, she got 3rd place in region, and played in the quarterfinals at state. Ashley is a doubles player, and has won some doubles tournaments in her tennis career. When she isn't playing tennis, Ashley likes sleeping, hanging out with friends, eating, reading, and watching Netflix. Ashley is a vegetarian and she can speak 5 languages!