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Tonaquint Tennis Center
1851 South Dixie Drive

Summer 2020 / Munchkins

 Age:  4 & 5

Days:  Tuesday & or Thursday

Time:  9:30am to 10am

Cost:  Package A - $25 / 1 visit a week + Summer Fun Pack

           Package B - $35 / 2 visits a week + Summer Fun Pack

Session I- June 2nd & or 4th thru June 30th & or July 2nd (5 Weeks)

Session II - July 7th & or 9th thru August 4th & or 6th (5 Weeks)


Munchkins is an introductory tennis class for players between the ages of 4 & 5.  Players will be playing in the service boxes using red low compressed balls and jr. size rackets.  Class will focus on parts of the racket, parts of court, hand eye coordination drills and ground strokes.


Week 1 & 2:  Parts of the racket, parts of the court, forehand ground stroke

Week 3 Forehand ground stroke, foot work and games

Week 4: Intro to backhand ground stroke and games

Week 5:  Review of forehand and backhand groundstroke



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