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Fall Singles "Leap Frog" League

  • When:  Tuesdays at 7:00 pm
  • Begins:  Tuesday, September 25th / Ends: Tuesday, November 20th (8 weeks)
  • Cost:  $35 / person - College students $15 (must show college ID)
  • Male and Female Players
  • Skill rating USTA preferred
  • Check-in 7:00-7:20pm. Late comers may text league director by 7:15 but must be ready for play at 7:30.
  • Liveball drills 7:00-7:30pm optional. Matches begin at 7:30pm. 

Skill Divisions

  •  4.0 and Higher 
  •  3.0 and 3.5 

"Mixer" combine male and female players

**Skill levels will be combined if not enough players

Challenger Drop-in's

Unable to commit to a full 8 week league. Come challenge our ladder players by dropping in.

  • $5 per drop-in
  • League director discretion where to play you on ladder
  • eligible for perfect score prize
  • ineligible for placement prize or player of the year prize

League Description 

  • Type of League:  Ladder League, players will be placed on the ladder according to their scores.  First week is random and will determine the ladder seeding the following weeks. Groupings are 3 or 4 players according to ladder position and number of players per evening.
  • Scoring Format:  Players in groups of  4 will play 3 sets 1st to 6.  Each game is worth one point. Players in groups of 3 will play 4 sets 1st to 4 with 2 one point byes. Each game is worth one point.
  • Leap Frog Format:  Lower seeded players based on the ladder who win against a higher seed will automatically pick up 5 extra points.  Players  will have a chance to earn unto 10 points if they are the lower seed.


Registration Begins: Sept 1st

Registration on site requires cash or check payment.

In Person
Tonaquint Tennis Center
1851 South Dixie Drive


Hilary Koch
Tennis & Pickleball Attendant / Instructor