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Winter Break

December 20th-January 4th-No HIIT Clinics -Clinics resume January 7th


H.I.I.T Liveball is a twist on our classic Liveball ,our most popular tennis clinics, where a ball is fed into play and players play out the point with High Intesnse Intervals of Training added. H.I.I.T Liveball plays such games as "Cardio", "Balls Up", "Up and Backs" and "Triples".   This fast pace lots of hitting clinic is available for all skill levels. During H.I.I.T  Liveball the "waiting participant"  will work on agility, speed, strengthening and cardio.  Are you ready for the challenge?  Come out and let's find out! 

 H.I.I.T Liveball is a non instructional clinic.

Age & Skill

12+ / All Skill Levels Welcome


$5 per person




7pm to 8:30pm


Tonaquint Tennis Center

1851 South Dixie Drive