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Rock n Roll Triples is an exciting triple elimination pickleball tournament.  Rock n Roll themed throughout the tournament, players can enjoy rock n roll music, rock n roll themed medals and award area. Come out and get your rock on!

Teams are guaranteed at least 3 matches.


 Triple Elimination Playing Format:

        4 to 5 teams Round Robin - 2 out of 3 (win by two)

        6 to 8 teams

           Winner Bracket:  1 to 21

           Loser Bracket I: 1 to 15

           Loser Bracket II: 1 to 11

        9 to 19 teams

           Winner Bracket: 1 to 15

           Loser Bracket: 1 to 15

           Loser Bracket: 1 to 15

       20+ teams

           Teams will be split into 2 triple elimination brackets playing until two teams are left in each bracket.  The remaining two teams from each bracket will be placed into another bracket playing for 1st, 2nd & 3rd.  Teams will carry over their losses from the previous bracket.  All matches will be one game to 15. 

Come dressed up as your favorite rock star!

Rock music will be playing during the tournament, getting everyone in a rocking good mood!!



Visit Pickleballtournaments.com for registration and further details.

Please email Wayne Bullock or Hilary Koch for any registration or payment questions or issues. 




Wayne P. Bullock
Tennis & Pickleball Head Pro
USPTA Certified Tennis Pro / USAPA Certified Pickleball Pro
(435) 703-1146

Hilary Koch
Tennis & Pickleball Specialist / Instructor