Tuesday, February 19, 2019 to Thursday, May 16, 2019

Learn how to ballroom dance in 12 weeks! 

Students will learn ballroom etiquette, the proper positioning for each dance, how to lead and follow, and how to recognize rhythmic cues in various musical styles. All classes will cover Bronze level, American, and Social dance styles. 


Junior Ballroom 

Ages: 6-12 

Session 1: Tuesday's 

Session 2: Thursday's

Time: 7 PM - 7:50 PM


Youth Ballroom 

Ages: 13-18 

Session 1: Tuesday's

Time: 8 PM - 8:50 PM


Adult Ballroom 

Ages: 18+

Session 1: Thursday's

Time: 8 PM - 8:50 PM


Pricing Information

$75 per person

Receive a 20% discount by registering with a partner! *Not applicable to online registrations. 


Open Tuesday, January 22, 2019 12:00 AM to Monday, February 25, 2019 12:00 AM


Frequently Asked Questions

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Partners are not required, but they are encouraged. Recieve a 20% discount by registering in person with your partner. 
No, all of our ballroom dance classes are designed for beginners with little to no previous experience. 
All classes will learn the Waltz, Cha Cha, Foxtrot, and Triple-Swing.  Weeks 1-3 Waltz  Weeks 4-6 Cha Cha  Weeks 7-9 Foxtrot  Weeks 10-12 Triple-Swing
Clothing: All students must wear clothing that allows for a full range of movement. Tops with cap sleeves are recommended.   Shoes: Non-marking footwear with laces or straps must be worn. Avoid tennis shoes, as they will prevent turning and may cause injury. Open-toed shoes are highly discouraged.   MALES: May wear dress or ballroom shoes, excluding Latin shoes. FEMALES: May wear flats or low heels, including Latin heels or ballroom pumps. Heels in excess of 2.5 inches will not be allowed.
Cassandra Fifield is an experienced ballroom dancer with certifications from Utah Valley University in Bronze Ballroom, Silver Ballroom, Gold Ballroom, Silver Latin, and Gold Latin.   


Aaron Harris
Recreation Coordinator
(435) 627-4564