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Utah Youth Track and Field

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SGR General Inquiries

Snow Canyon High School
1385 North 2400 West

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Utah Youth Track and Field 2024 REGISTRATION LINK

Utah Youth Track and Field Meet 


Hello and welcome to the Utah Youth Track and Field Meet! This meet is open to residents of Iron, Garfield, Kane, San Juan, Wayne, Piute, Emery, Grand, Sevier and Washington Counties. This meet will serve as the district meet and will be a qualifier for the State youth meet. The date for the State meet is tentatively set for June 2023. This is a fun and competitive Track and Field meet for ages 7-15. As per USA Track and Field rules, age groups are based on birthdays in the following years. Participants will be disqualified if they are registered for the wrong age group, so please pay carful attention when signing up your athlete 

  • Ages 7 to 8 (born 2016 - 2015)
  • Ages 9 to 10 (born 2014 - 2013)
  • Ages 11 to 12 (born 2012 - 2011)
  • Ages 13 to 15 (born 2010 - 2008)

Please note that ages 7-10 will be competing in the standing long jump and soft ball throw. While 11-15 will be competing in the running long jump and shot put. The use of spikes and blocks will not be permitted during this meet or the state meet. Events will be: Standing Long Jump / Long Jump / Softball Throw /  Shot Put /  50m / 100m / 200m / 400m / 800m / 1600m / 4x100m/ 4x400 Relay

Athletes will be limited to competing in only 3 events, which will not include the 4x100 or 4x400 relay.

Registration will close at 11:59 PM MST on Friday, May 10th 2024. All athletes must register online to participate in their event. Registration will not be available at the event. 

  • Location: Snow Canyon H.S. 1385 Lava Flow Drive, St. George, UT
  • Date: Saturday, May 11, 2024
  • Questions: Email: races@sgcity.org or call 435-627-4504


Meet Schedule:


Start: 8am


1600 Meters - Final 

50 Meters - Trials

100 Meters - Trials

400 Meters - Trails

200 Meters - Trials


Running Long Jump (11-14): 9am-Completed Finals 

Standing Long Jump (7-10): 9am - Completed Finals

Softball Throw (7-10): 9am-Completed Finals

Shot Put (11-14): 9am-Completed Finals


Finals start right after prelims end


800 Meters - Finals

50 Meters - Finals

100 Meters - Finals

400 Meters- Finals

200 Meters - Finals

4x100 (All Ages) - Final

4x400 (All Ages) - Final