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The St. George Races Flex Challenge Series is designed as a hybrid between individual training and full-blown race events.  We set up the timing mat and you decide to run solo, or with a group of friends, anytime the course is open.  The Series offers you the opportunity to improve your running skills, train for events or just work on getting in shape.

Set up like a real race you will get some cool swag, real time results and a medal for each Challenge. Awards will be presented to the top male and female finisher at the end of each Series. 

The FLEX has three components: Road Running, Trail Running and Hill Climb Challenges with one event per month starting in January and ending in November (OK, we are skipping July and August).

Each Series will have 3 events of varied length and difficulty. 

Designed with a flexible price structure, you can choose to do the entire SGR Flex Series, a single Challenge Series or even individual challenges throughout the year.

For more information about each Challenge just click on the icons below.

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The Road Run Series

January 23 - Run for Office 3.1 miles

February 20 - Cupid Shuffle 6.2 miles

March 20 - Mars Madness 9.3 miles


The Trail Run Series

April 17 - Art Attack 5.25 miles

May 29 - Ticket to Paradise 5.8 miles

June 19 - Life is a Picnic 2 miles


The Hill Climb Series

September 18 - Fancy Feet 1.5 miles

October 16 - Monster Mash 2.0 mile

November 13 - Wild Thing 4.4 miles


Each race will have a wave start. You will choose a 1/2 hour start-time window and may start any time during that half hour period. Waves begin at 9:00 am with the last wave beginning at 11:30 am.


All the road races are on local paved bike/walking trails so you’ll never hit a light or cross a street.


All the Trail Runs are on single or double track and vary in distance.


All the Hill Climbs are timed both up and down hill. Finish Time is cumulative.