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Last One Standing Ultra Race  

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SGR General Inquiries

Crosby Family Confluence Park
1953 South Convention Center Drive



December 13th-14th 2024


Come join us for the Last One Standing 10K+! You can run the first lap and get in your 10K or you can keep going and get your distance PR!! This is the ultimate race for all abilities!!  


The race takes place on a 6-mile loop beginning at Confluence Park.  Participants will have 1.5 hours to complete the loop. If the loop is completed within that time the participants will toe-the-line again for the next round on the same exact loop, repeated every 1.5 hours.  No, you can’t start a loop early, so don’t ask. There are a possible 17 loops totaling 102 miles for those most determined souls. The faster the participants are, the more time they will have to rest before the next round starts, but that strategy could prove detrimental.  If participants cannot finish a loop before the next round starts then they are eliminated from the race. To earn a finisher medal, participants must complete at least one loop (6 miles).  Success is measured by the number of completed laps, not speed. At the end of each loop, participants will also be given buttons that can be attached to the medal that signify certain achievements.  Runners who complete all 17 loops will receive a buckle in honor of their achievement.  All runners are eligible for the buckle award; however, the 17th lap will be timed like an ordinary race to determine the race winners. 


KIDS DIVISION - This is a 5.3 mile loop and the kids are allowed any non-motorized means of transportation to complete the loops (including, but not limited to:  bikes, scooters, roller blades, unicycles, Heelys).  The loop is the same loop as the adult divisions minus the small out-n-back at the beginning.  Time limits for kids are the same as all divisions. 


CAMPING / PARTICIPANT STAGING AREA - We want you to be comfortable when you’re not on the loop so we’ve blocked off the entire Confluence Park just for you!  This race goes through the night, so bring your tent, chairs, and a cot if you have one. Feel free to make a home away from home during this race.  There is plenty of space, but some real-estate is better than others (first come first serve basis). Your campsite fee is included with your registration.  Once you are eliminated you are free to stay as long as you want and cheer on the others.


FOOD / DRINK - The race will provide an assortment of non-alcoholic drinks and ice.  We encourage runners to bring their own food and drinks.  In the ultra running world this is considered "self supported",  We have kept the registration prices lower than the average ultra so you can have some extra cash to stock up on your own nutrition needs.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS - 12 / 13-14 /2024

  • 1 pm - 3 pm - Park is available to make your campsite.
  • 1 pm - 3 pm - Packet/Bib Pickup
  • 3 pm SHARP - Race STARTS - LOOP #1 Begins
  • 4:30 pm SHARP - Loop #2 Begins
  • 6 pm SHARP - Loop #3 Begins
  • Every 1.5 hours, new loop Begins
  • Saturday 3 am - Wonder what the heck you got yourself into.
  • Saturday 3 pm - FINAL LOOP BEGINS.  Fastest in each division wins the race, but all finishers within the 1.5-hour loop will earn the coveted belt buckle.  

Pricing Information

Ultra Runner

  • $80 until December 6th 11:59pm MST
  • $90 until December 12th 11:59pm MST

Kids Division

  • $10 until December 12th 11:59pm MST