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March "Leprechaun Leap"

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March- Leprechaun Leap

Date: 03/18/2023

Time: 9:00am - 10:30am

Course: Ranger Bart Anderson Trail Head 

Ranger Bart Anderson Trailhead

Distance: 3.3 miles or 6.6 for a double down run!


Get your green on and come join us at the Leprechaun Leap! The race course has been adjusted due to the massive amount of rain we had this week! The longer course is not run-able so we laid out a 5k+ course that avoids most, but not all, of the muddy terrain. To get to the starting line take I-15 Exit #2, Sun River/Southern Parkway.  Turn towards Sun River and simply stay on the Parkway to the very, very end. Go past the End of Road sign to the dirt parking lot and you will see the Race Trailer near the start line.

We would suggest a nice pair of mud shoes are appropriate for this race!

See you soon!

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