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...appropriate for the incident you want to report you can contact St. George Police Dispatch at (435) 627-4300 Welcome to the St. George Police Department Citizens Online Police Reporting System. Using this online citizen police report system allows you to submit a report to be reviewed by an officer. If the event you are reporting occurred within St. George City limits, please confirm the following to find out if online citizen police report filing is right for you:   Is this an emergency? Did this incident occur somewhere other than the City of St. George? Are there any known or potential suspects? Is there an on-going threat of violence? (Call 911 if happening now) Is there any apparent evidence that needs to be collected (Fingerprint, Footprint, Property)? Does the total value of the property stolen or damaged exceed $1,500 dollars? Does this involve a domestic partner (roommate, spouse, co-habitant)? If you answered yes to any of the questions please look at our Online Citizen Police Report Frequently Asked Questions section, or contact dispatch at (435)627-4300 to have an officer take your report. If you answered no to all of the questions, you are ready to file your report online. Upon completion of this reporting process you will receive confirmation that your information was received. All cases filed using the Citizens Online Police Reporting System will be reviewed. Once your report has been accepted by a supervisor you will receive confirmation that your report has been accepted. You may be contacted by an officer if it is determined that further investigation is needed.   Filing a false police report is a crime and will be prosecuted (Utah Code 76-8-506)
Welcome to the St. George Police Department web site. St. George is located in the southwest corner o...
...neral) • Filming/Photo• Parade Permit • St George Police Security Application Instructions Please submit your appli...
... enforcement philosophy. School Resource Officers The St. George Police Department has partnered with the Washington County School District and the City's of Ivins, Santa Clara and Washington to provide our secondary schools with police officers on a full time basis. This idea has grown from three office...
... public safety in St. George. The men and women who make up the St. George police and fire departments pride themselves on delivering compassionate se...
Question: What opportunities are there for civilians who want to work for the Saint George Police Department?
Answer: The St. George Police Department has several civilian employees. We have records personel, business office staff, full-time and part-time dispatchers, crossing guards, and volunteers. For more information, please call the Saint George City Human Resources Department at 435-627-4673. 
Question: How can I become an officer with the St. George Police Department?
Answer: Please e-mail Sgt. Sam Despain at sam.despain@sgcity.org. Sam can update you on our hiring practices, criteria for selection, and testing dates. 
Question: How can I obtain information on becoming a police officer?
Answer: In the state of Utah, the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) is responsible for training new police officers. They can be reached in Salt Lake City at 801-256-0600. www.post.utah.gov  
Question: What can be done about illegally parked vehicles, such as those blocking a driveway?
Answer: Call the police department at 435 627-4300 to report the violation.
Question: My car is missing. How can I see if it was stolen or towed?
Answer: If you were parked within the city limits of St. George City, call the St. George Police at 435 627-4300 during business hours. If you were outside the city limits of Washington County, call the Washington County sheriff at 435-634-5730. 
Question: How can I report an abandoned vehicle?
Answer: If the vehicle is located on city-owned property or a city street, call the police department at 634-5000 and report the location and type of vehicle. The law requires that the abandoned vehicle owner be given notice to remove the vehicle after it's been reported so the officer will place a tag on the vehicle. The officer will follow-up to see that the vehicle has been removed and, if not, will call for a tow truck. 
Question: How can I obtain a copy of a police report?
Answer: You can come in to the records department at 265 N. 200 E. between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m, Monday through Friday. You'll be required to fill out a form and present a photo ID. The cost is $2.00 for a standard police report. If you are unable to come in to the department or live out of town, you can call the records department at 435-627-4301 and a request form will be mailed or faxed to you. Request forms can also be found on our website at www.sgcity.org.
Question: If my vehicle was towed, what do I do?
Answer: Inside the city limits, call the St. George Police Department at 627-4301 during business hours if your car was towed from public property and they will advise you what the process is. Outside the city limits, call the Washington County sheriff's dispatch at 634-5730. 
Question: What should I do if I've been involved in a traffic accident?
Answer: Stay at the scene and call the police department. If there are injuries or any emergency circumstances, call 911. If the accident is minor and/or there are no injuries, call dispatch at 435 627-4300. 
Question: How do I hire SGPD Officers for security?
Answer: St George Police Security Policy    OUTSIDE SECURITY AND PEACE OFFICER EMPLOYMENT    Due to the potential conflict of interest no peace officer employed by this department may engage in any outside or secondary employment as a private security guard, traffic control officer, private investigator or other similar private security position ("Outside Security Services").    Any entity, private organization, or individual seeking Outside Security Services provided by peace officers employed by this department must submit a written request to the Chief of Police or his designee in advance of the desired service. Such outside employment, if approved, will be assigned, monitored and paid through the department under the following conditions:    Any entity, private organization, or individual seeking Outside Security Services will be required to enter into an indemnification agreement, including providing insurance naming the City of St. George as an insured party when deemed necessary, prior to approval.    Any entity, private organization, or individual seeking Outside Security Services will further be required to provide for the compensation, including wages, any overtime, and full benefits of all peace officers requested for such services.    Should such a request be approved, any peace officer performing any Outside Security Services shall be subject to the following conditions:    The peace officer(s) shall wear the Department uniform/identification.    The peace officer(s) shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the department.    No peace officer may engage in such Outside Security Services during or at the site of a strike, lockout, picket or other physical demonstration of a labor dispute.    Compensation for such approved Outside Security Services shall be pursuant to standard department compensation and overtime procedures.    No peace officer may engage in outside employment as a peace officer for another law enforcement agency without prior written authorization of the Chief of Police, which authorization the Chief may deny if it is determined that such employment would interfere with or otherwise hinder the operation of the department.  
Question: When do I need an alarm permit?
Answer: As soon as you contract with an alarm company to monitor, operate or maintain a security system for your home, business or any application where a monitored alarm system would alert the St George Police Department. For further information, see St George City code 3-5-2 Permit Requirements Fee at www.sgcity.org
Question: What can I do about my noisy neighbors?
Answer: You can call the St. George Police Dispatch at 435 627-4300 and request that an officer be sent to talk to the neighbors. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances and when the officer arrives at the neighbor�s house, he or she has the discretion to determine that. If you wish, you can ask the dispatcher to have the officer call you back to tell you what the disposition was. 
Question: How can I report dogs running loose in my neighborhood?
Answer: Animal control is the responsibility of the St. George Police and you can reach the Animal Control department at 435-627-4301. If it is after hours, you may call the St. George Police Dispatch at 435-627-4301. 
Question: How can I report illegal activity in my neigborhood?
Answer: There are two ways to report illegal activity. You can call the St. George Police Dispatch at 435 627-4300 and they will have you talk to a police officer.    If you wish to remain anonymous, you may call the Anonymous Tips line at 435-688-8477. If you choose to leave the information anonymously, please remember, the success of the action taken will rely on the information you give. In other words, the more information you give, the better the chance the crime will be solved. If you choose to leave your name and number, rest assured an officer or investigator will contact you.    If you have witnessed a crime, or have information beneficial to law enforcement, please call as soon as you can. Regardless of the time, day, night, or weekends, call Police Dispatch at 435 627-4300. If it is an emergency, please call 911. 
...d convicting the guilty and to exonerate the innocent. The St. George Police Department Investigations Division consists of one Captain, one Lieutenant, three Sergeants, and twenty Detectives. Additionally there are five civilian employees. These detectives are experienced and highly trained investigators whose sole job is to investigate and solve a wide range of crimes. They have specialized knowledge, skills and resources enabling them to solve cases such as forgeries, frauds, thefts, robberies, rapes, drug activity, gang crimes, sex crimes, child and adult abuse, homicide and other suspicious deaths. Detectives are trained in processing for fingerprints, photography and all aspects of crime scene investigation. In many cases, the patrol officer who took the initial report will be able to investigate this case and bring it to a resolution. If the offense is serious or the office was unable to complete the case on during his shift, it may be assigned to a detective for follow up. In some cases, there may not be enough evidence to conclusively point to a suspect. In all cases, the St. George Police Department Investigations Division is here to serve the citizens our...
Question: What can I do about barking dogs in my neigborhood?
Answer: Animal Control is the responsibility of the St. George Police and you can reach the Animal Control department at 435 627-4300. If it is after hours, you may call the St. George Police Dispatch at 435 627-4300. 
Question: I was a victim of a crime. How do I find out about the court process?
Answer: Victim Services at the St. George Police Department has a Court Book that will answer most of your questions about the process. You can come by the station and we will be happy to provide you with a copy of this booklet.
Question: My child may have been molested. What should I do?
Answer: The first thing you need to do is make a police report to your local police agency. An officer or a detective will meet with you and make arrangements for an interview to be conducted at The Children's Justice Center. Another option available may be to file for a Child Protective Order with 5th District Juvenile Court. Forms are available on the court web site or you can contact Victim Services at the St. George Police Department for assistance.
Question: I receive phone calls and test messages over and over. I have told them to stop, but they won�t. What can I do?
Answer: If you have told the person at least two times to leave you alone, you have saved some of the messages, there have been threats made, you are in fear for your safety, you may qualify for a Stalking Injunction. You can find more information about this at www.utcourts.gov. You can also call or go into Victim Services at the St. George Police Department and victim advocates will be able to assist you and answer your questions.
Question: I made a police report with the St. George Police Department. How do I find out what happens now?
Answer: You may obtain a copy of your police report at the St. George Police Department, 265 North 200 East, St. George, UT. Bring your incident number and photo ID, Monday through Friday, 8:00 � 5:00 PM. Information about the process that occurs after the report is made may be obtained by calling Victim Services at 627-4399 during the same hours.
Question: I am a male victim of domestic violence. What help is available to me?
Answer: If you live within the City of St. George, or the crime occurred in the city, contact Victim Services at the St. George Police Department. Victim Advocates will be able to help you determine if you may qualify for a Protective Order and can assist you in completing the application.
Question: I cannot miss work by going to the hearings. How can I find out what happens?
Answer: The Victim Services Unit at the St. George Police Department attends many of the court hearings and an advocate will be happy to inform you of the hearing results. Get in touch with their office and discuss this with an advocate.
...een the City departments and the Mayor and City Council. Department Heads (Police, Fire, Public Works,etc.) are appointed by the Mayor and report to t...
...St. George 911 Communications Center is the dispatch center for every police, fire and ambulance agency in the county as well as being the 911 ce...
Question: What is a Stalking Injunction?
Answer: If someone is harassing you by phone, texting, emails, by following you or making threats to you, you may qualify for a Stalking Injunction. These are issued by 5th District Court and forms are available at www.utcourts.gov or from Victim Services at the St. George Police Department.
...geants that supervise the Task Force, Sergeant Jared Parry from St. George Police Department and Sergeant Jeff Bailey from Washington County Sheriff's...
The St. George Police Department has a Victim Services unit, consisting of full time and part time advocates, as well as volunteers to assist victims of crime in the City of St. George. It is the goal of the staff to contact victims and assist them with referrals, resources and various types of protective orders. The advocates will assist with the completion of adult or child protective orders and stalking injunction requests for filing with 5th District Court. They will guide you through the process and often accompany victims to the hearings. Information is available for victims of domestic violence, rape, assault, stalking, child abuse, harassment and other types of people crimes. Advocates often attend court proceedings and help the victim through the difficult and sometimes complicated process to which they are subjected. Our office works closely with other agencies in the city on behalf of our clients. If you are a victim of a crime in the city of St. George or have any questions regarding the Victim Services unit, you can reach them Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. at (435) 627-4399. If you are calling outside of regular business hours, please leave your name and number and someone will return your call during the next business day.    Instructions for filling out a Request for a Protective Order / Child Protective Order/ Stalking Injunction online.  Go to www.utcourts.gov Click on OCAP-ONLINE COURT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM Set up a user name and a password (a new account). Remember to write it down. Look for the type of protective order you are seeking. Example: Protective order-Adult , Civil Stalking Injunction, Child Protective Order, etc. (click on the order that you are seeking.) Fill it out completely. Print it. Take it to 5th District Court and sign it in front of a clerk in the Clerk’s office. Return to 5th District Court when you are called and pick up your temporary order if it has been approved. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to call us. Victim ServicesSt. George Police Dept. 435-627-4399  
...ers and 2 K-9s.The Patrol Division is the heart and soul of the St. George Police Department and is the most recognizable Division. Patrol Officers are called upon as the primary responder to most calls for service.  When not responding to calls for service Patrol Officers conduct traffic enforcement, address quality of life issues, and conduct foot patrols through various locations around town.  Officers are scheduled so that there are officers working around the clock, every day of the year.  If you have ever had contact with officers from the St. George Police Department, odds are that it started with an officer from this Divis...
...appen in the City of St. George that have been investigated by: St. George Police Department, St. George Code Enforcement, Washington County Sherriff,...
Question: What is the function of the Victim-Advocate? 
Answer: The Victim Services Division of the Police Department has been extremely active assisting the victims of domestic violence and other criminal related charges. They are the victim's advocate through the court process helping the victims to have a voice, informing them of their rights, especially the right to assist in how the defendant will be sentenced. If you are a victim of a crime in the city of St. George or have any questions regarding the Victim Services unit, you can reach them Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. at (435) 627-4399. If you are calling outside of regular business hours, please leave your name and number and someone will return your call during the next business day. You may also email: victim.services@sgcity.org. 
Question: Should I report possible crimes to the City Attorney's Office?
Answer: No. Reports of possible crimes should be made to the St. George City Police Department, (435) 627-4301, 265 N. 200 E. St. George, UT 84770. 
...also very grateful to be the city council representative for the St George Police Department and the St George Fire Department. I love serving ...
...r interest in the Volunteers In Public Safety unit of the St George, Utah, Police Department. Below is a brief overview of the requirements for membership, and the activities of the VIPS unit. Minimum requirements:  Be a U.S. Citizen Minimum 21 years of age. Possess a valid Utah driver’s license No felony convictions, nor misdemeanor convictions within the past five years. Pass a drug screen test Pass a background check Pass an oral interview. There are three kinds of volunteer areas within the VIPS unit: Office, Patrol, and Animal Control. A brief description of each follows. Office: Under direction of the VIPS supervisor, wear the uniform and perform fingerprinting services to the general public. Other service may include VIN inspections, “fix it” ticket follow up, and clerical work. Non uniform volunteers will perform computer date entry, filing, and other such duties as assigned by the Supervisor. Patrol: Volunteers who function in the patrol division receive specialized training in civil enforcement such as Handicap Parking regulations, city parking ordinances, subpoena delivery, nuisance referrals to Code Enforcement, investigation of “non reportable “ accidents, school crossing guard substitution, traffic control, and other tasks as assigned. Animal Control: These volunteers work with Animal Control officers, performing office duties as assigned, meeting the public, communicating with officers in the field, and, to some extent work with animals. To begin your volunteer service, please fill in the attached application form. A background check will be performed, and, if satisfactory, you will be contacted for an oral interview. Submit the completed form to the front office personnel at the Police Station, 200 East 265 North. Thank you. 
Question: How do I change my court date? 
Answer: If you are not available for the date you were assigned you will need to contact the court where your case is being processed and ask them how to continue your court date. If you received a citation or were arrested by one of the following agencies.....You must send notice to the following prosecutor: ANY TICKETS NOT WRITTEN IN ST GEORGE CITY by the:Sheriff's OfficeUtah Highway PatrolWildlife ResourcesPark and RecreationWashington County Attorney's OfficeJustice Court Prosecutor33 N 100 W, Suite 200St. George, Utah 84770(435) 634-5723Fax: (435) 634-5720ANY TICKETS WRITTEN IN ST GEORGE CITY by the:St. George Police DepartmentDixie State UniversityPort of EntrySheriff's OfficeUtah Highway PatrolSt. George City AttorneyJustice Court Prosecutor175 East 200 NorthSt. George, Utah 84770(435) 627-4600Fax: (435) 627-4260SPRINGDALE POLICEROCKVILLEVIRGINMarshall McConkieCall for mailing address(435) 313-2631If you were cited on SR59 between mile markers 3 through 12, please send notice toRobert CossonApple Valley Prosecutor1777 N Meadow Lark DrApple Valley, UT 84737(435) 574-1397
...rtment. We are also the "face" of the Department when citizens come to the Police Department and need assistance. We are committed to customer service...
...of their particular C.A.T. team and all departments of the city to include Police, fire, code enforcement, streets, water, power, and parks. The ...
...ationwide. Our Local ProgramCERT SG is administered by the St. George Police Department, by civilian volunteers and part time employees. We are fortunate that our city government and police department see the value in citizen’s obtaining some disaster ...