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...ports innovations that increase efficiency within the bounds of fiscal and legal responsibility. They provide high-level customer service for city emp...
...ces and should not be considered authoritative for engineering, surveying, legal and/or other site-specific uses. Information obtained from the use of...
The City Attorney, Deputy Attorney, Assistant Attorney and Paralegal manage responsibilities for all legal services and activities involving the City including policies and procedures, contracts, agreements, legislative policies, ordinances and resolutions. They act as principal negotiator for the City on legal matters and prepare formal opinions on request. The City Attorney represents St. George in actions charged by the City, and in all legal actions and/or claims alleged against the City, including matters involving land use and development, real estate, zoning, community redevelopment, and environmental issues. They are committed to providing the highest quality legal representation possible to meet the present and future needs of St. G...
...ision. City Attorney's Office represents the City and cannot give you legal advice of any kind. The legal process can be complex, so you are encouraged to hire private legal counsel to represent you. 
...cient and effective prosecution of civil or criminal cases and the ongoing legal process of City government.  The City of St. George prosecutes ...
...e two Sergeants, there are 11 detectives whose main case load deals with illegal drug trafficking in Washington County. These detectives are assigned ...
Question: What can be done about illegally parked vehicles, such as those blocking a driveway?
Answer: Call the police department at 435 627-4300 to report the violation.
...e under control; watch out for hazards; avoid water, oil, and sand. Skate legal: obey all traffic regulations. Skate courteous: Skate on the right; ...
Legal Services, under the direction of City Attorney - Shawn Guzman, provides legal counsel to the City Council and the Mayor as well as to the City Manager and the City's various departments. Legal Services also prosecutes misdemeanors and infractions of state laws and city ordinances that occur within the City. Legal Services also administers the City's risk management and claims handling for property, liability and worker's compensation claims. In conjunction with these duties, Legal Services also oversees the procurement of property, liability, worker's compensation, and specialized insurance policies. Legal Services cannot represent or give any legal advice to private citizens or businesses.
Question: How can I report illegal activity in my neigborhood?
Answer: There are two ways to report illegal activity. You can call the St. George Police Dispatch at 435 627-4300 and they will have you talk to a police officer.    If you wish to remain anonymous, you may call the Anonymous Tips line at 435-688-8477. If you choose to leave the information anonymously, please remember, the success of the action taken will rely on the information you give. In other words, the more information you give, the better the chance the crime will be solved. If you choose to leave your name and number, rest assured an officer or investigator will contact you.    If you have witnessed a crime, or have information beneficial to law enforcement, please call as soon as you can. Regardless of the time, day, night, or weekends, call Police Dispatch at 435 627-4300. If it is an emergency, please call 911. 
...ot limited to:  ordinances, resolutions, minutes, cemetery documents, legal documents and historical documents.   The Recorder conducts...
... to use the Fitness Facility. 14 and 15 year olds must be accompanied by a legal adult 21 years of age, or older, to ue the fitness Facility.   ...
Question: What is an inoperable vehicle? 
Answer: The city ordinance states that a vehicle with mechanical or structural defect or does not have current registration displayed on the vehicle, and can't be driven legally on city streets is inoperable.
Question: How do I apply for Traffic school? 
Answer: The St. George City Attorney's Office offers traffic school for minor moving violations. Taking traffic school can keep points off your record and your insurance rates lower. Go to www.sgcity.org/trafficschool, select your language preference, and fill out the easy step-by-step application process. About Traffic School Languages: English and SpanishTotal Cost: $70.00 + Ticket Fine AmountNon-refundable.Schedule: Always availableLocation: www.sgcity.org/trafficschool Duration: Approximately 4 hoursNote: You may log in and out as often as necessary to complete the course. Questions about Traffic School Do not call the Court in reference to traffic school. For any questions relating to traffic school, call the Traffic School Helpline at 1-888-312-6552 or contact the City of St. George Legal Department at 435-627-4600. How long to I have to complete traffic school? If you are approved to take the course you must complete it within 30 days from approval. If I have paid for my ticket can I apply for Traffic School? NO! If you pay your ticket with Justice Court before applying or taking the traffic school course you will NOT be eligible for the course. 
Question: Can I speak with a Prosecuting Attorney before I come to Court? 
Answer: Do you have a court appointed attorney or have hired an attorney? If so, your lawyer represents you. The prosecutor represents the St. George City. It would be unethical for the prosecutor to speak directly with you about any situation regarding your case. For your protection, the prosecution isn't allowed to talk to you without your attorney present. Whatever you need to communicate to the prosecutor can be done by your attorney. Are you a defendant? If you are a defendant with a traffic ticket, it is necessary to wait for the Pre-Trial date issued by the Court before speaking to a Prosecuting Attorney. If I am the parent of a Defendant, can I speak to the Prosecuting Attorney? That depends. If the Defendant over the age of 18 (as of today's date) and graduated from High School then No. Your son and/or daughter are of legal age and the prosecutor can only speak to them or their attorney regarding their allegations. If the Defendant is currently 18 years old or younger and still in High School then the prosecuting attorney may speak to the parents as long as the Defendant is on the phone with them. 
Question: Can the City Attorney's Office represent private citizens who do not have funds to hire a private attorney?
Answer: No, the City Attorney's Office may not represent individuals in private legal matters. The City Attorney's client is St. George City Corporation as a municipal government, not individual members of the public. There are many ways to find a lawyer to represent you. One, you may want to consider, is the lawyer referral service named Legal Match (www.utahbar.org and click on "Find a lawyer" or 1-866-678-5342). The City does not endorse Legal Match and provides this information solely as a convenience to you.
Question: Do I need to bring an attorney with me to my arraignment?
Answer: That is your decision. If you have a question or concern, a private attorney should be contacted. The City Attorney cannot provide legal advice and that decision is left to your discretion.
Question: If I Have Been Subpoenaed to Testify, Do I Have to Go?
Answer: A subpoena is actually a court order telling you to appear at a legal proceeding, so you must appear at the place and time designated on the subpoena. If you fail to appear as ordered by the subpoena, you may be found in contempt of court and sanctioned with jail time and fines. What Can I Do If I Really Cannot Appear at the Time Designated by the Subpoena? You may contact the attorney issuing the subpoena by phone or in a written letter requesting the City to file a motion to continue with the court to reschedule the hearing. There are narrow deadlines for filing a continuance with the court so please be mindful that it could take several weeks to process. Disclaimer: Although the City tries to accommodate victims and witnesses in criminal proceedings, requesting a continuance is left to the discretion of the Prosecutor and your request may be denied. 
Question: If I submit an invoice, when can I expect payment?
Answer: Please allow 15-30 days for processing. Checks are issued every week. All invoices should contain a Purchase Order # along with any applicable documentation for payment (e.g. "certificate of Legal Work Status" and "Waiver and Release of Payment" on construction projects)
...ome a tradition with many families.  If families act responsibly with legal fireworks activities, they should have an enjoyable holiday.  The vast majority of legal displays occur without incident.  The majority of fire incidents that occur are a result of illegal or improper fireworks discharges.  Be smart, safe, and responsible.  Use only fireworks purchased in the State of Utah from licensed dealers or retailers. If you purchased the fireworks out of state, they may not be legal in this state.  You will be cited if found to be in possession of illegal fireworks, and will be responsible to pay for damages and extinguishi...