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How to Apply for Utility Services   Listed below are the requirements for establishing residential utility service with St. George Utilities:    1. Complete the Residential Utility Application which covers service for electric, water, sewer, and garbage, in most St. George locations. Please submit a copy of a Driver's License, Passport, or state issued ID with each application.   2. If you have had prior service with the City of St. George, any outstanding balances must be brought current before services can be established at a new location.    3. All requests for electric or water service should allow 3 business days (Monday through Friday) for processing. Please check with the seller or landlord of your property to coordinate disconnect and connect dates.    4. If you are renting your residence, there is a $125.00 deposit required at the time of application for all residential services. For business deposits please call 435-627-4700    5. Electric service in the Bloomington and Bloomington Hills area is provided by Dixie-Escalante Rural Electric Association. Their office is located at 145 W. Brigham Road in Bloomington. We provide water, sewer, and garbage only in these areas. An application is required for these city services.    6. If the home you are buying is newly constructed, you will need to request a garbage container from Washington County Solid Waste. You may reach them at 435-673-2813.    7. We accept Visa, Master Card, Checks and Cash.  Payments can be made online by clicking Pay My Utility Bill under the City Services menu.   8. CenturyLink provides local telephone service in our area. Service may be initiated by calling 1- 800-244-1111. Questar provides natural gas. Their phone number is 435-673-7514.    9. Curbside Recycle “BluCan”. Please have your BluCan out by 6:00 am on your pickup day (see http://www.blucan.org/map.html for the schedule). BluCan will be picked up every other week on your normal garbage collection day. Missed pick up, please contact Dixie Waste at 435-673-5610. For New container delivery, please contact WCSW at 435-673-5813. For billing questions, please contact the City Utility Office at 435-627-4700.      For additional information, you may reach our customer service department by calling 435-627...
The St. George Fire Departmet is currently accepting applications for reserve firefighters.   Must be 18 years of age Must possess a valid Utah driver's license Must live within the St. George city limits   The position will remain open until enough applications are received.  Once the position is closed and the applications are reviewed, the following steps are taken:   1.  Orientation meeting for applicants and spouses 2.  Physical agility test 3.  Written test 4.  Interview 5.  St. George Firefighter Recruit Academy   The St. George Firefighter Recruit Academy is necessary to obtain the required certifications which include Firefighter Level I and Level II, Hazardous Materials Awareness, Hazardous Materials Operations, and CPR/AED certifications.  Even if you already have any of these certifications, you must complete the academy.  The St. George Firefighter Recruit Academy teaches firefighting techniques that are specific to this geographical area and ensures all firefighters are at the same level of expertise when starting at the department.      The Firefighter Recruit Academy takes about three months to complete.  Typically, recruits will meet twice weekly in the evening and all day on Saturday.    The Firefighter Recruit Academy is operated once a year.  Please be advised that you may not hear from the department immediately after you submit an application, but all applications are held until the next academy.  At that time, anyone still interested and eligible will be given an opportunity to participate.  Please do not reapply if you have not been contacted.  Instead, please contact us using the information below to check on the status of your application.    RESERVE FIREFIGHTERS  Reserve firefighters do not receive a wage, but do receive benefits through the City of St. George.  The requirements for a reserve firefighter include, but are not limited to: o   Residing in the fire district they are assigned to. o   Attending weekly evening training sessions.  o   Sleeping at a Station on a rotating schedule.   Click here to view the full reserve firefighter requirements    Click here to view open positions and apply  
...ty Fireworks Restrictions As you are aware, the State of Utah, Bureau of Land Management, National Forest Service and many other state and federal agencies have restricted the use of fireworks in all unincorporated areas of the state.  Due to the extreme fire danger that exists in the southwestern region of Utah, the St. George Fire Chief signed an order prohibiting fireworks in designated areas of the City. No fireworks of any kind are to be used within 250 feet of the following areas:  Dry washes and drainages River and stream corridors Hillsides, plateaus and mesa tops Undeveloped open space or natural terrain  Use of fireworks is completely prohibited in the development north of Snow Canyon Parkway on State Road 18, including The Ledges development. Prohibited activities include: No discharge of fireworks within the areas listed No firecrackers, cherry bombs, roman candles, bottle rockets, single or reloadable mortars, or other Class "C" fireworks not State of Utah approved. Recreational fires, unless the location is approved by the fire department (click here for recreational burning regulations) Welding, cutting, or grinding within the areas listed, unless approved by the fire department. No sky lanterns.   Fireworks restrictions are in effect, and it is important that you understand which locations throughout the city are restricted and considered dangerous for personal fireworks use.  We hope that you find this webpage useful in identifying these areas.  Local fireworks retailers will also have maps available for you to view.  Your help in keeping our community safe this holiday season is very much appreciated.    Safety TipsThe lighting of fireworks on holidays have become a tradition with many families.  If families act responsibly with legal fireworks activities, they should have an enjoyable holiday.  The vast majority of legal displays occur without incident.  The majority of fire incidents that occur are a result of illegal or improper fireworks discharges.  Be smart, safe, and responsible.  Use only fireworks purchased in the State of Utah from licensed dealers or retailers. If you purchased the fireworks out of state, they may not be legal in this state.  You will be cited if found to be in possession of illegal fireworks, and will be responsible to pay for damages and extinguishing costs as a result of any fires that you cause. Use fireworks only with responsible adult supervision at all times. Never allow young children to handle fireworks. Light the fireworks in an open area and on a non-combustible surface, such as a driveway or paved area.  If windy conditions exist, do not light fireworks. Keep a bucket of water available. Handle used and "dud" fireworks with a shovel. Soak fireworks thoroughly in a bucket of water, or douse them with a hose prior to disposal. Keep clear while lighting fireworks, and do not lean over them at any time. Do not relight “dud” fireworks. Watch out for your pets and animals.  It is preferable to keep them indoors and away from the displays. Check for any restrictions that may apply to your area. Fireworks are an American tradition.  Safety and common sense are important as we celebrate the holidays with fireworks.  Fireworks can provide hours of wholesome family entertainment, but must be used carefully and safely. If you have additional questions about fireworks use, plea...
SAINT GEORGE YOUTH COUNCIL APPLICATION FORM  CLICK HERE TO APPLY   All applicants must be a resident of the City of St. George and between 14 and 18 years old Time commitment: The Saint George Youth Council meets weekly on Wednesdays at 4:00  In addition, your help will be necessary for various service projects, council meetings, and activities. You will serve for one year. How will you  assure you can meet this commitment?  All Applications need to be accompanied by two (2) letters of recommendation, (at least One (1) from your School) which address your  personality, work ethics, and abilities.  Applications must be turned in by Friday March 17, 2017.  PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY. You may fill out this  YCC APPLICATION online or fill out, print legibly and bring the completed application to: Steve Bingham/Della Lowe Leisure Services Department 220...
The Prosecutor, under the direction of the City Attorney and with assistance from the support staff, performs professional duties as required to carry out the efficient and effective prosecution of civil or criminal cases and the ongoing legal process of City government.  The City of St. George prosecutes infraction, class B and C misdemeanor, and traffic cases through the Washington County Justice Court. The prosecutor is unable to speak with concerned individuals or provide any information on a case, until the individual has been arraigned. The prosecuting attorney spends a large amount of time in court prosecuting crimes that happen in the City of St. George that have been investigated by: St. George Police Department, St. George Code Enforcement, Washington County Sherriff, Washington County Task Force/Gang Unit, Utah Highway Patrol, Dixie State College, Port of Entry, St. George Animal Control, Adult Probation & Patrol, Department of Wildlife Reserve (DWR), and U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). After information is gathered from various law enforcement entities, formal charges are filed and trial preparations begin. Our criminal attorney handles every stage of the prosecution, from arraignment through sentencing and the supporting staff manages the thousands of documents that support this function. The Prosecutor appears in court and presents the evidence and argument on behalf of City of St. George and the State of Utah. All of the prosecutions are handled at the Washington County Justice Court and Fifth District Court House.  Traffic Offenses - General information Fine Bail Schedule    
... 22 Interstate Rock Products Inc. is working on replacing water lines and water services along Bloomington Drive from Escalante Drive to Montezuma Drive.  They are also finishing grading the road base in preparation for placing asphalt on Bloomington Drive from about Wesley Powell Drive to Tonaquint Drive and along Tonaquint Drive from Bloomington Drive to Escalante Drive.  ...
Question: How do I learn more about the off leash dog park area?
Answer: Please read the Dog Park Rules (pdf)
Three free events for anyone to participate in to challenge their skills in many sports. Punt, Pass and Kick Competition with the NFL, Fun Shot Competition with Jr. Jazz Association, and Pitch, Hit and Run Competition with MLB. They are held within the sport season held by the City. RESULTS FOR 2017 FUNSHOT COMP - Scroll down to resources and open PDF.  
Question: How do I learn more about the off leash dog park area?
Answer: Please read the Dog Park Rules (pdf)
...Utah ("the City") constitute an underutilized resource of ideas, knowledge and experience with respect to the City and its affairs: and Whereas the Mayor of St. George ("the Mayor") seeks input from the youth into the affairs and issues of the City through a city youth council;   Now, therefore the Mayor and the City Council of the City hereby establish the St. George Youth Council as an advisory board, with all the rights, responsibilities, and privileges associated therewith. As such, and in order for tranquility to be maintained, the following by-laws are adopted by the St. George Youth Council. These same by-laws are to be endorsed and recognized by the City, the City Council, and the Mayor, as laws, rules, and stipulations specific to the St. George Youth Council. (More)
...lunteer, service-based organization, run by students from the high schools and middle schools in the community. We spend time every week engaged in service projects, learning how to become a leader, engaging with our City council and having fun. Everybody in the Council will get a chance to lead a group of peers to complete service projects and other activities. This is a great opportunity to improve your resume, your college and scholarship applications and get to know some of your city leaders and what it takes to run a city. Answers to your most frequently asked ques...