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Traffic Detour Information:
...r suggestions: Sgt Tyrell Bangerter tyrell.bangerter@sgcity.org  435-627-4386

Gold Star Families Memorial Monument:
...ge UT 84790   This is a mailing address only. For questions, call 435-627-4051

2021 Election Information:
...ov or contact Christina Fernandez, St. George City Recorder, at (435) 627-4003 or at christina.fernandez@sgcity.org.   Per 20A-9-2...

Proud provider of American Red Cross Lifeguarding:
St. George City Pool250 East 700 South435-627-4584

Proud provider of American Red Cross Lifeguarding      :
...ion Fee: $150 For more information call Sand Hollow Aquatic Center at 435-627-4585.

Tumbling   :
...e St. George Recreation Center to set up a time with our Instructor. (435)-627-4560. 285 S 400 E St. George, UT 84770.

DBE Policy:
...address any questions to the DBE Liaison Officer, Jason Hoffmann, 435-627-4071   You may review our DBE plan below.

Bond Forms:
...d and moved into title 10.  For forms regarding Bonds please call 435-627-4050.

Safety Town:
Recreation Center(435)627-4560

Station Tours:
During this time we are not scheduling any station tours.    The St. George Fire Department gives station tours to schools, preschools, and other private organizations.  All tours have ...

Special Event:
...s@sgcity.org  • Fax:           435-627-4430 • In-Person:  City Hall, 175 East 200 North, St. George, UT 84770 Instructions: Please submit your application 45 days prior to the actual event date. This amount of time is required before your event date can be confirmed.• Allow 45 days to process your application.• Depending on the details of your event, you may be asked to attend a meeting to elaborate on your application.• Insurance is required for all events held at a City park or facility. • Please note that there is a daily permit fee of $75 (up to 300 people), to $150 (over 300 people) for all events. • Additional fees may apply for City Services provided to the event by the City of St. George. • All events hosted in City parks should make reservations online https://www.sgcity.org/parkreservations/ and confirm payment by calling 435-627-4530. Reservations must be secured in advance of submitting the special event application.  Useful phone numbers regarding permits that may be necessary for your event:• Food Handlers Permit: 435-986-2580• Large Tent approval/inspection: 435-627-4150• Park Reservations: 435-627-4530• Proof of Insurance clarification: 435-627-4605• Street Closure/Encroachment Permit: 435-627-4006• Temporary Sign/Banner Permit: 435-627-4712• Temporary Utah Sales Tax information: 801-297-6303    What is a Special Event? â€‹Chapter 10, Section 3-10-2:  Defines a "SPECIAL EVENT" as – A temporary event of any of the following or a combination of the following acts:A. Any athletic event, entertainment event, parade, carnival, circus, dance, musical event, rodeo event, fighting event, racing event, live shows, fairs, concerts, block parties, filming event, or outdoor sales event, whether held for-profit, nonprofit or charitable purposes held on private or public property within the city.B. Any organized assemblage at any public park, public square or other city property which gathers for a common purpose or event under the direction and control of a person or entity and which uses more services, amusement devices such as stages, inflatable devices or temporary structures, or equipment, whether provided by the city or a third party, than normally provided to groups which reserve park facilities or other city-owned facilities.C. Events held at the following are not special events under this chapter: 1. A building that has a business located in it that has a current annual business license as an event business;2. A building with an assembly group classification under the International Building Code, as adopted by the city, so long as the event does not exceed the posted occupant load as approved by the city and has a current annual business license, if required; and3. A government-owned facility. D. For purposes of this chapter, city events are not special events, however, events sponsored by the city are special events.A permit is also required for: a. Closing a public street; b. Blocking or restriction of public property, limiting the use of parks by the general public, and streets; c. Offer of merchandise, food, or beverages on public property or on private property where otherwise prohibited by ordinance; d. Erection of a tent on public property, or on private property where otherwise prohibited by ordinance; e. Installation of a stage, bandshell, trailer, van, portable building, grandstand or bleachers on public property, or on private property where otherwise prohibited by ordinance; f. Placement of portable toilets on public property, or on private property where otherwise prohibited by ordinance; g. Placement of temporary "no parking" signs in a public right-of-way.   Special Event Application Process: 1. The event applicant must complete and submit a Special Event Application and COVID-19 Event Planning Template to the Special Event Coordinator (SEC). The Special Event Application can be retrieved from the city’s website or can be picked up at the city office, 175 East 200 North, St. George, UT 84770. 2. Reservation of City parks will be coordinated with a Parks Division representative, who will research the proposed dates/times on the park facility schedule to prevent conflicts with sports and other activities. Please allow at least 5 business days for this process. 3. A Parks Division representative will approve the location/date, collect the Park Reservation Fee, and issue a reservation contract. 4. SEC will review the application and determine if the event requires "Committee Review" or "Non-Committee Review": a. Committee Review: The Special Event Review Committee (SERC) must review the application and meet with the applicant during a SERC meeting. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month. The agenda is prepared by the SEC.  b. Non-Committee Review: The SEC reviews the application and will contact the applicant to inform them of which review process will be required.  5. Fees: a.  Permit Fees are paid at the City of St. George Office - 175 East 200 North, St. George, UT 84770 b.  Park Reservation Fees are paid at the Parks Division Millcreek Facility - 390 North 3050 East, St. George, UT 84790   Questions:  Reference St. George City Ordinance Title 3, Chapter 10 – Special Events, or call (435) 627-4712.

Reuse Center:
...me   If you have any questions, please feel free to call (435) 627-4028 Reuse Center

..., Utah 84790   Daniel Morrison / Pretreatment Coordinator: (435) 627-4273 Juliette Curtis / Pretreatment Specialist: (435) 627-4284 fax: (435) 634-5846

Submit Police Reports:
...ove questions please contact the St. George Communications Center at (435) 627-4300 to have an officer take your report.  Otherwise, you are...

City Contacts:
Mayor and City Council Mayor Michele Randall - 435-627-4001 - michele.randall@sgcity.org Jimmie Hughes - 435-772-6208 - jimmie.hughes@sgcity.org Bryan Smethurst - 435-231-9115 - bryan.smethurst@sgcity.org Dannielle Larkin - 435-619-9971 - dannielle.larkin@sgcity.org Gregg McArthur - 435-429-1000 - gregg.mcarthur@sgcity.org Vardell Curtis - 435-632-0240 - vardell.curtis@sgcity.org     City Manager Adam Lenhard - adam.lenhard@sgcity.org Assistant City Manager Deanna Brklacich - deanna.brklacich@sgcity.org Assistant City Manager Marc Mortensen - marc.mortensen@sgcity.org Communications and Marketing David Cordero - david.cordero@sgcity.org City Services Administration - 435-627-4000  Airport -  435-627-4080  Animal Shelter  - 435-627-4350  Building - 435-627-4100  Business Licenses -  435-627-4740 City Pool (700 So) - 435-627-4584  Community Arts  - 435-627-4525  Community Development  - 435-627-4206  Economic Development and Housing - 435-627-4135 Engineering - 435-627-4050  Fire  - 435-627-4150  Leisure Services - 435-627-4500  Parks - 435-627-4530  Planning Commission - 435-627-4206 Police - 435-627-4301 Public Information - 435-627-4005  Public Works - 435-627-4050  Recorder - 435-627-4003  Recreation Center/ Programs - 435-627-4560  Sand Hollow Aquatic Center - 435-627-4585  Streets  - 435-627-4020  Suntran - 435-673-8726  Utilities  - 435-627-4700  Water/Energy Emergencies  - 435-627-4835  Water/Energy Conservation - 435-627-4848  For emergencies please call 911    City Council&nb...

City Squares:
Parks Division390 North 3050 East435-627-4530Fax: 435-634-5824

Victim Services:
... you can reach them Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. at (435) 627-4399. If you are calling outside of regular business hours, please leave your name and number and someone will return your call during the next business day.    Instructions for filling out a Request for a Protective Order / Child Protective Order/ Stalking Injunction online.  Go to www.utcourts.gov Click on OCAP-ONLINE COURT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM Set up a user name and a password (a new account). Remember to write it down. Look for the type of protective order you are seeking. Example: Protective order-Adult , Civil Stalking Injunction, Child Protective Order, etc. (click on the order that you are seeking.) Fill it out completely. Print it. Take it to 5th District Court and sign it in front of a clerk in the Clerk’s office. Return to 5th District Court when you are called and pick up your temporary order if it has been approved. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to call us. Victim ServicesSt. George Police Dept. 435-627-4399  

Hazardous Waste:
..., Utah 84790   Daniel Morrison / Pretreatment Coordinator: (435) 627-4273 Juliette Curtis / Pretreatment Specialist: (435) 627-4284 fax: (435) 634-5846

...tab on the web page. If you need to report a crime, please call (435) 627-4300.

Animal Services:
...ress is:   605 E Waterworks Dr. St. George Ut. 84770 Phone: (435)627-4350   Come Visit Us!   You can also visit us on our Facebook...

Recreation Center:
...emberships  Adult Prices (18 yrs +) $3.50    Senior Prices (62 yrs +) $3.00    Youth Prices (4-17 yrs) $2.50    Chi...

Hazmat Operations:
Brad EsplinBattalion Chief435-627-4171brad.esplin@sgcity.org

Energy Department:
...r dispatch service for maintenance and repairs for existing customers (435-627-4835), and also coordinates with the building department to hook up new...

Birthday Parties:
...serve or for more information, call the St. George Recreation Center (435) 627-4560  

Museum Newsletter:
...ure Services 47 E 200 N, St. George    •    (435) 627-4525 Business Hours of the Museum Monday-Tuesday by appointment for at ...

Arsenic Information:
...after exposure to short-term, high doses of inorganic arsenic (Buchanan, 1962; Tay and Seah, 1975), there are no studies that definitely document this effect after exposure to levels of less than levels (50 µg/L) of inorganic arsenic in drinking water. There have been a few, scattered reports in the literature that inorganic arsenic can affect reproduction and development in humans (Borzysonyi et al., 1992; Desi et al., 1992; Tabacova et al., 1994). After reviewing the available literature on arsenic and reproductive effects, the National Research Council panel (NRC 1999) wrote that ``nothing conclusive can be stated from these studies.'' Based on the studies mentioned in this section, it is evident that inorganic arsenic contamination of drinking water can cause dermal and internal cancers, affect the GI system, alter cardiovascular function, and increase risk of diabetes, based on studies of people exposed to drinking water well above the current arsenic MCL. EPA's MCL is chosen to be protective of the general population within an acceptable risk range, not at levels at which adverse health effects are routinely seen (see section III.F.7. on risk considerations). In terms of implications for the risk assessment, the panel noted that risk per unit dose estimates from human studies can be biased either way. For the Taiwanese study, the ``* * * biases associated with the use of average doses and with the attribution of all increased risk to arsenic would both lead to an overestimation of risk (US EPA, 1997d, page 31). May 1999 Utah Mortality Study EPA scientists conducted an epidemiological study of 4,058 Mormons exposed to arsenic in drinking water in seven communities in Millard County, Utah (Lewis et al., 1999). The 151 samples from their public and private drinking water sources had arsenic concentrations ranging from 4 to 620 µg/L with seven mean (arithmetic average) community exposure conc...

Pickleball Leagues:
...irector for available open courts during leagues.  Please contact 435-627-4530 for court reservations.  

Concert in the Park:
...blankets, lawn chairs, food, and the family. For more information call 435-627-4580. 2021 CONCERT IN THE PARK LINE UP April 12th  @7:30 PM&nbs...

Pavement Management:
...needs a pothole filled please call St. George City Streets Division at 435.627.4020 to make a request or fill out a request on our contact page h...

Business Licensing:
...3 of the City Ordinance, visit our office at 175 E 200 N, or call 435-627-4740. 

Planning Commission:
...mmission, please email planningcommission@sgcity.org or call 435-627-4206.   Planning Commission Members Nathan Fisher Elise West Ray...

Residential Vehicle Maintenance:
...st St George Blvd Ste #1 (435) 673-7121 UOCC-0045 O'Reilly Auto Parts # 3762 A 1276 West Sunset Blvd (435) 628-1202 UOCC-0557  O'Reilly Auto Parts # 3798 A 931 North 3050 East (435) 627-1052 UOCC-0566  Riverside Service Inc. A 125 East Riverside Drive (435) 628-7800 UOCC-0129  Speed Lube & Car Wash A 435 North 1680 East #1 (435) 652-9560 UOCC-0441  Texaco Xpress Lube # 00212783 A 1090 West Sunset Blvd (435) 628-0200 UOCC-0128 Wal-Mart Tire & Lube Express # 3220 A 2610 South Pi...

Fireworks Information:
...hnics display permit, please contact the St. George Fire Department at 435-627-4150.    To report the discharge of fireworks in restricted areas please call the non-emergency dispatch number at 435-627-4300. For emergencies, call 911. 

Food Truck Guidelines:
...review the attached documents for more information. Call our office at 435-627-4150 if you have questions about the State Fire Marshal's requirem...

County Dispatch - 911:
...o the citizens that we serve. The non-emergency line for St. George is 435-627-4301 and should be used to request an officer for a report, to report suspicious people or vehicles and any other occurrence that is non-life threatening. Things of an emergency nature where injury or death could be the result should be a 911 call to the Communications Center.    Non-Emergency Numbers St. George City,  435-627-4300 Washington County Sheriff’s Office,  435-634-5730 Hurricane City, 435-627-4900 Washington City, 435-627-4901 Washington County Burn Permit Website

St. George Regional Water Reclamation Facility Pretreatment Program:
..., Utah 84790   Daniel Morrison / Pretreatment Coordinator: (435) 627-4273 Juliette Curtis / Pretreatment Specialist: (435) 627-4284 fax: (435) 634-5846

Become a Firefighter:
...ot been contacted.  You are welcome to contact Human Resources at 435-627-4670 to check the status of your application.      PART-...

Planning Staff Review (PSR):
brenda.hatch@sgcity.org 435-627-4206

The City of St. George's Star Search Talent Show Presented by State Bank of Southern Utah:
...and more info -- Marianne Hamilton, marianne.hamilton@sgcity.org, 435.627.4500   Hope to see you there, and that YOU’LL be the next St...

Sign and Banner Permits:
Applications may be submitted via: E-mail: signs@sgcity.orgFax: 435-627-4430In-Person:   City Hall, 175 East 200 North, St. George, UT 84770 Ask a Question:  signs@sgcity.org  or (435) 627-4712 Code Info:  https://stgeorge.municipal.codes/Code/9-13

Curiosity Club for Kids:
Tonaquint Nature Center1851 South Dixie Drive435-627-4590

Tonaquint Nature Center:
...ve questions call the St. George Leisure Services Department at (435) 627-4500.  

The St. George Municipal Pool offers Deep Water aerobics! Enjoy water aerobics at our outdoor facility.  Come try it out this Summer Season! Starts on May 31st.:
St. George City Pool250 East 700 South435-627-4584

Net Metering Information:
...I find my utility information?   Contact the St. George City at 435-627-4095 to request a copy of your energy use history.   Will the system be installed on the roof of my home, roof of an unattached garage or on the ground?   That is a question for your installer to answer.  You should check with the City Building Department to determine the requirements.  435-627-4000   Will the system include a battery bank to provide back-up power in the event of a utility power disruption?   That is a question for your installer to answer.      What are the fees and when do I have to pay them?   The fees and how they are calculated are listed in the Net Metering Appendix which found in the Resources section of the Net Metering page on the City’s website.  www.sgcity.org   Can I install a solar PV system on my house?   Yes a homeowner or business owner can install their own solar PV system.  However, a licensed electrician will be required to handle the interconnection with the utility.  An individual installing their own system will need to follow the net metering program requirements.   How do I find a solar contractor?   St. George requires all solar contractors to have a City business license and to have completed the pre-qualified solar contractor class.  For a list of contractors that have met this requirement please contact 435-627-4095   It is recommended that you obtain more than one bid as part...

Burn Permit - Information:
...tions.     You can obtain a burn permit three ways. Call 435-627-4150 Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm Call Fire Dispatch at 435-627-4949 Obtain a permit online at Washington County's Burn Permit Re...

Recreation Center Policies:
...mments, etc. Please direct them to Aaron Harris, Rec Center Manager at 435-627-4560. 

Home School Classes:
... off 1 registration each month. For more information please call us at 435-627-4579. 

Apply for Utility Services:
...cation for all residential services. For business deposits please call 435-627-4700    5. Electric service in the St. George City south of Virgin River (Bloomington, Bloomington Hills, Little Valley, etc.) area is provided by Dixie Power.  Their office is located at 145 W. Brigham Road in St. George.  We provide water, sewer, and garbage only in these areas.  An application is required for these city services.    6. If the home you are buying is newly constructed, you will need to request a garbage container from Washington County Solid Waste. You may reach them at 435-673-2813.    7. We accept Visa, Master Card, Checks and Cash.  Payments can be made online by clicking Pay My Utility Bill under the City Services menu.   8. CenturyLink provides local telephone service in our area. Service may be initiated by calling 1- 800-244-1111. Dominion Energy provides natural gas. Their phone number is 800-323-5517.    9. Curbside Recycle “BluCan”. Please have your BluCan out by 6:00 am on your pickup day (see http://www.blucan.org/map.html for the schedule). BluCan will be picked up every other week on your normal garbage collection day. Missed pick up, please contact Republic Service at 435-673-2821. For New container delivery, please contact Washington County Solid Waste District at 435-673-2813. For billing questions, please contact the City Utility Office at 435-627-4700.      For additional information, you may reach our customer service department by calling 435-627-4700 Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.     Office...

Municipal Stormwater Information:
  Stormwater Team 435-627-4142  

Sand Hollow Aquatic Center Birthday Party Reservations:
...s and we'll supply all the fun.To schedule your party today call us at 435-627-4585. (All packages include pool admission for up to 12 guests.)  ...

Automotive/Car Wash/Commercial    :
..., Utah 84790   Daniel Morrison / Pretreatment Coordinator: (435) 627-4273 Juliette Curtis / Pretreatment Specialist: (435) 627-4284 fax: (435) 634-5846

Bloomington Generation Facility:
...stions pertaining to power generation, please feel free to call anytime at 627-4800.  

CPR-AED Program and Information:
...ire about the fire department’s CPR/AED course, please call 435-627-4150 or send us an email using the link below. Child care providers, o...

March 24th thru March 27th 2021  :
  Dates: Wednesday, March 24th thru Saturday, March 27th Ball: Franklin X-40   Events: *Please be aware age and skill events may be combined if not enough players *Match times will be ann...

Food Service Establishments and FOG:
..., Utah 84790   Daniel Morrison / Pretreatment Coordinator: (435) 627-4273 Juliette Curtis / Pretreatment Specialist: (435) 627-4284 fax: (435) 634-5846

Hazardous Waste Pharmaceutical Rule:
...ny questions, please contact the St. George Pretreatment Department at 435-627-4273. SGRWRF Attn: Pretreatment Department 3780 W. 1550 W.  St. George, Utah 84790   Daniel Morrison / Pretreatment Coordinator: (435) 627-4273 Juliette Curtis / Pretreatment Specialist: (435) 627-4284 fax: (435) 634-5846

Junior Development Ages 10 1/2 to 14 Green Dot Ball :

Outreach Education Field Trip Information:
...tial dates with the teachers. Teachers may call Dawn Eide-Albrecht at (435)627-4573 with any questions. Insect Repellent/Sunscreen: You will be outs...

Outreach Education Field Trip Information:
...tial dates with the teachers. Teachers may call Dawn Eide-Albrecht at (435)627-4573 with any questions. Insect Repellent/Sunscreen: You will be outs...

American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (WSI) Course:
...ed Cross programs. Participants must be 16 years or older. Please call 435-627-4585 to register for the class. Pricing Information$150/ participa...