Upcoming Schedule
April 12 - April 18
A big phase in the completion of the project was reached this week as all six of the bridge girders were set. A team of iron workers will start on Monday to create the bridge deck on top of these girders.
Here’s a roundup of the different activities happening this week. 
  • Ironworkers are on-site building the new section of bridge deck. Each cross section of rebar will be tied together with tie wire.  
  • The concrete team will form and pour wing walls adjacent to the bridge.
  • The repair and replacement of a Gravity Wall on the eastside of River Road near Riverside Drive will begin this week. Crews will be working several nights to finish the task.
  • Electricians will be working on the traffic signal poles at River Road and Riverside Drive, and the pedestrian poles at the corner of River Road and 1450 South.
  • The roadway team will be working at night on the Northeast corner of River Road and 1450 South to remove existing material, install pipe and prep for new curb and gutter.
  • Curb and gutter will be placed north of the bridge on the west side of River Road.
  • Concrete block wall installers will be working on the Northwest corner of River Road and Riverside Drive.
  • Traffic will stay in the same configuration on River Road.
 Crews are continuing to work day and night shifts to get the project finished on time.
The construction zone is from just north of the Riverside Drive intersection to south of the 1450 South intersection on River Road.  
*Schedule is subject to impacts from weather and other unforeseen circumstances.
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Project Overview

This project will upgrade the roadway and Virgin River bridge on River Road from Riverside Drive to 1450 South.

The designed improvements will:

  • Create dual left turn lanes at the intersections of Northbound River Road and Riverside Drive and Southbound River Road at 1450 South
  • Widen the bridge over the Virgin River to add an additional Southbound Lane
  • Update adjacent utilities
  • Improve the Virgin River Trail System

These upgrades will increase capacity, improve safety and enhance the trail system within the corridor.

Major construction will start in January 2021 with an estimated completion date of June 30, 2021*.

*Schedule is subject to weather and other unforeseen circumstances.

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