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Refresh Downtown Grant

The City of St. George, through the Economic Vitality and Housing Department (EVH), is offered a reimbursement-based matching grants to eligible property and business owners to enhance storefront aesthetics and outdoor business space within the downtown area. These improvements will create a more enjoyable experience for downtown visitors and residents, and improve the quality of privately-owned buildings and outdoor areas. 


The program is intended to support businesses with a 50% match, up to $5,000, based on funding availability and project eligibility. Funds may be used for paint and outdoor space improvements, including outdoor dining and sidewalk furniture and accessories, for businesses in the downtown area as specified in the qualifications.


A pilot program that ran between March to June 2022 provided 3 business owners with $13,543.62 in grant funds for improvements. Before and after pictures are shown below.

Improvements included new paint, window pane replacements, application of stucco, sign replacements, awning installation, and more.

Refresh Downtown Packet Refresh Downtown Packet - Applications and Details
PDF - 03-07-2022
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