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Frequently Asked Questions

Click HERE for "A Vendor's Guide on Doing Business with the City of St. George"
Bids for Construction Projects are advertised on the City website at and in the local paper.  Bids for all other projects or purchases are advertized on the City website.  
You can pay by check or cash. Sorry but we do not accept credit cards as payment for plans and specification documents. Project specifics will be detailed in the public notice for each project.  
Please allow 15-30 days for processing. Checks are issued every week. All invoices should contain a Purchase Order # along with any applicable documentation for payment (e.g. "certificate of Legal Work Status" and "Waiver and Release of Payment" on construction projects)
The City of St. George does not have an automated email distribution for procurement and construction procejects; however, we do maintain a listing of vendors and the products and services they provide that our departments can reference when looking for what they need.  You can be added to that Vendor list by completing the following form:  CLICK HERE