Unclaimed Property

Item Title Date Entered Description
Black Wallet 2020-03-30 Black wallet found at Maverick Station containing several credit cards. Joseph Cascone listed as owner
Fire Extinguisher 2020-03-30
Fire Extinguisher 2020-03-30
Fire Extinguisher 2020-03-30
Fire Extinguisher 2020-03-30
I-Pad 2020-04-01
Back Pack 2020-04-06
Granite Peaks Bicycle 2020-04-10
Bag w/ Personal Belongings 2020-04-13
Keys 2020-04-14
Drivers License 2020-04-14
Bank Cards 2020-04-16
Misc Documents 2020-04-16
Bag w/ Personal Belongings 2020-04-21
Ring 2020-04-22
Cell Phone 2020-04-23
Personal Property 2020-04-26
Tow Hitch 2020-04-27
Bank Card & ID 2020-04-30
Cooler 2020-05-01
Bank Card 2020-05-04
Firearm 2020-05-04
Medication 2020-05-06
Credit Cards left at Popeye's 2020-05-11 Credit cards left at Popeye's within last couple months
Visa Credit card 2020-05-11 Visa Postmate Business Credit Card
2 Sets of keys 2020-05-18 Acura Key and set of keys with butterfly and summit fitness tab
Backpack 2020-05-20
Backpack 2020-05-21
Firearm 2020-05-27
Clothing 2020-05-28
Wallet with ID Cards 2020-06-01 Wallet with ID Cards Mark Charles Wallace
Utah ID Card 2020-06-01 Utah ID Card Jayson D Salter
Gun Magazine 2020-06-01
Wagon & Bag 2020-06-03
Hiking Back Pack 2020-06-04
Stroller 2020-06-06
Bag w/ Personal Belongings 2020-06-07
Utah Drivers License "Micah Allee" 2020-06-09 Utah Drivers License "Micah Allee"
Bag w/ Personal Belongings 2020-06-13
Silver purse with lap top computer 2020-06-15 Silver purse with HP laptop computer
Set of Keys 2020-06-16 Set of Keys ( 15-20) with Toyota key on the ring
Muffler Cap 2020-06-17
Car keys with fob 2020-06-22 Hyundai Key fob with keys
Bag w/ Personal Belongings 2020-06-23
I D Cards 2020-06-29 I D Cards for Stephen Storey
Financial Cards/David M Hood 2020-06-29 Visa Cards (3)
Insurance card 2020-06-29 Insurance card/ Brenda Wood
Black suitcase 2020-06-29 Black Suitcase with women's clothing
Backpack 2020-06-29
Drivers License and financial card 2020-06-30 Utah DL for Spencer Day