Unclaimed Property

Item Title Date Entered Description
Silver purse with lap top computer 2020-06-15 Silver purse with HP laptop computer
Set of Keys 2020-06-16 Set of Keys ( 15-20) with Toyota key on the ring
Muffler Cap 2020-06-17
Car keys with fob 2020-06-22 Hyundai Key fob with keys
Bag w/ Personal Belongings 2020-06-23
I D Cards 2020-06-29 I D Cards for Stephen Storey
Financial Cards/David M Hood 2020-06-29 Visa Cards (3)
Insurance card 2020-06-29 Insurance card/ Brenda Wood
Black suitcase 2020-06-29 Black Suitcase with women's clothing
Backpack 2020-06-29
Drivers License and financial card 2020-06-30 Utah DL for Spencer Day
Set of Misc Keys 2020-07-06 Set of Keys with Chevy vehicle key and misc keys.. purple and blue beads on key chain
Wallet, Passport, Visa card, Utah DL, Dixie High School ID Card 2020-07-06 Brown Wallet with ID and social security card.... Passport..... Utah DL....... Visa Card....... Dixie High School ID Card.....
Backpack 2020-07-06
Bicycle & Bag 2020-07-06
Backpack 2020-07-07
Car keys/ floral pattern 2020-07-13 Car keys/ floral pattern
Paper ID card 2020-07-13 Paper ID Card
Backpack 2020-07-13
Cash Machine 2020-07-16
Black Wallet 2020-07-20 Black Wallet
Utah ID card 2020-07-21 Utah ID Card
Bag , clothing and misc 2020-07-21 Bag with clothing and misc.
Backpack 2020-07-21 Backpack/ Black with blue
Roadmaster Bicycle 2020-07-23
Angels Crest Bicycle 2020-07-23
Diamondback Bicycle 2020-07-23
Mongoose Bicycle 2020-07-23
Cricket Phone 2020-07-28 Cricket Phone
Brown Wallet with cards 2020-08-03 Brown Wallet with cards
Black wallet 2020-08-03 Black wallet with ID Cards
CD Player/Radio, Fishing Pole/reel 2020-08-10 CD Player/Radio, Fishing Pole/reel
Credit Card 2020-08-11 Credit Card
Black Wallet w cards, SS card, cash 2020-08-17 Black Wallet w cards, SS card, cash
Watch 2020-08-20
Ammunition 2020-08-20
Black Mens Bike & White/Blue Huffy Bike 2020-08-24 Black Mens Bike & White/Blue Huffy Bike
Red RBX shoes 2020-08-25 Red RBX shoes
Green EGO Battery 2020-08-25 Green EGO Battery
Debit Cards 2020-08-31 Debit Cards
Red Razor Scooter 2020-09-01 Red Razor Scooter
Black/White Roadmaster Bike 2020-09-01 Black/White Roadmaster Bike
Blue/White Huffy Granite bike 2020-09-01 Blue/White Huffy Granite bike
Schwinn Black/White bicycle 2020-09-01 Schwinn Black/White bicycle
Wallet 2020-09-03
Back Pack 2020-09-14
I phone with case 2020-09-14 I phone with case
Black Wallet w cards 2020-09-14 Black Wallet w card
Wallet with cards 2020-09-14 Wallet with cards
Misc Ammunition 2020-09-15 Misc Ammunitiion
Purple 26" Bicycle 2020-09-15 Purple 26" Bicycl
Blue Bicycle 2020-09-15 Blue Bicycle
Brown Wallet w cards 2020-09-21 Brown Wallet w cards