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"The mission of the Washington County Drug Task Force, through the combined efforts of local, state, and federal agencies, is to protect the citizens of Washington County Utah from, and educate them about, individuals involved in drug crimes. The Washington County Drug Task Force will do this by identifying, developing intelligence on, investigating, arresting, sharing information about, and aiding in the prosecution of individuals involved in such crimes." 

A Task Force is a group of people brought together and assigned to address problems in a certain area. This group of people are considered specialists and have expertise they can contribute to solve whatever problem the Task Force is assigned to address. The Washington County Drug Task Force is made up of individuals from multiple agencies assigned to address the problems of drugs in Washington County. 

The Task Force Board of Directors is made up of representatives (usually the Agency head) of each agency with the Chairman of the board being the Washington County Attorney. 

The supervisors of the Task Force are approved by the board. The SGPD Investigations Commander is responsible for the administration of the Drug Task Force. There are two Sergeants that supervise the Task Force, A sergeant  from St. George Police Department and a Sergeant from the Washington County Sheriff's Office. 

In addition to these two Sergeants, there are 11 detectives whose main case load deals with illegal drug trafficking in Washington County. These detectives are assigned from St. George PD, Washington County SO, Washington City PD, Ivins PD, Hurricane PD, and AP&P. Some of the detectives specialize in certain areas; for example, we have one detective assigned as our K-9 handler and one assigned as a DEA Task Force Officer to handle federal drug charges.  The Utah National Guard has assigned a full time analyst to assist the Task Force.