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The Administrative Services Division is the support for other Divisions in the Department. We are also the "face" of the Department when citizens come to the Police Department and need assistance. We are committed to customer service with the citizens and officers. 

The Units in this Division include the Records Unit, Evidence Unit, Training Unit, Emergency Management, Quartermaster and Professional Responsibility Unit (I.A.). 

The Records Unit takes care of accident reports, finger prints, citations, time cards, billings, and all other clerical type support services. Our Evidence Technicians handle all storage and testing of property items. The Training Unit is tasked with all the training and quartermaster needs of the Department. Professional Responsibility Unit investigates complaints and incidents of alleged misconduct. Our Division also holds discipline review boards when needed. We schedule all Department and new recruit training. All uniforms and equipment items are issued from our Division. We spend a significant amount of time taking care of the computer systems, building grounds, and budgeting concerns. We post crime statistics online and frequently review policy and implement new procedures. Homeland security and emergency operations are also handled in our Division.



Heidi Palmer
Police Sergeant